Giveaway: The Colonel’s Lady

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the late start. We’re entering ‘that time’; that frenzied, confused, befuddled and constantly crafting time just before a show. But I didn’t forget about the giveaway! And oh, it’s a good one!

I am so pleased to offer you, dear readers, a chance to win a copy of Laura Frantz’s latest novel “The Colonel’s Lady” this week.
I just finished my copy of the novel and am still missing the characters a bit. Laura is an amazing writer, one who can bring you into her historical world and let you see all the beauty and grit of a time long ago. Fueled by her love of the Revolutionary War era and her Kentucky home state, Frantz’s novels are always impeccably researched, never shying away from danger and stark realities of the time, but they also have a strong core of faith and heroines and heroes that are incredibly believable.
“The Colonel’s Lady” is set in in a rural military fort at the edge of the frontier of “Kentucke.” The heroine, Roxanna Rowan, arrives at the fort in search of her father, who worked there as scrivener for the commanding colonel, only to find that he has been killed on the last military mission. She soon finds herself the wary ward and employee of the dashing but demanding Colonel McLinn who carries a dark and heavy secret that threaten to destroy his relationship with Roxanna. This story is at once very personal for the characters who struggle with love, death, intrigue, betrayal and forgiveness as well as historically epic, dealing with the harsh realities of fort and military life, battle, and tenuous relations with the native population.
Just released this summer, “The Colonel’s Lady” has already garnered for itself many stellar reviews and, in my humble opinion, is Frantz’s strongest work yet. With each book (The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Courting Morrow Little) Frantz seems to find a unique and strong voice that is once incredibly readable and jam-packed with little historical facts and quirks of the day.
This isn’t just a historical romance either; like her other books before, this is a wilderness adventure, a story of a struggle in faith, and an examination of the different lives and people and situations that were unfolding as the United States struggled to claim itself as a free nation.
Laura has graciously agreed to share a copy of her latest books with one lucky winner here at Audrey Eclectic, so if you would like to win a copy, it’s really simple! Just leave a comment here on this post! If you’re a follower or share the giveaway elsewhere (facebook, twitter, etc) you increase your chances of winning, just let me know!
Winner will be announced on Friday.
Thanks so much to Laura and good luck!~

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Colonel’s Lady

  1. Heather, So happy to be here today and have Roxanna's story spotlighted. Thanks so much for your beautiful words/review! It's a real privilege to share a copy with one of your readers. I appreciate you – and them – very much!! Waving at Krafty Girl and Karen – smiling BIG at your comments:) Bless you!


  2. This is a little different than books I normally read, but I'm always willing to try something new. Again, thanks for making October even more fun!


  3. This book sounds lovely!! I love a writer that can really get you to see their vision.I follow your blog :)Good luck with all your crafting, hope everything is coming together nicely with as few stressies as possible 🙂 See you in a couple of weeks!


  4. I would really enjoy this book! I actually just saw this on and it's on my \”To Read\” list! How fun. 🙂 I'm a follower on FB too!


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