Golden Autumn

It has been a whirlwind the last few days– prepping for the upcoming show and doing birthday festivities. I did have a very nice birthday, thank you so much to my friends and family who made turning 30 so fun and full of exceptionally good food 🙂 I received some nice autumnal clothes, books on stitching and quilting, a nice stash of tea and (pumpkin!!) coffee, beautiful yarn and a new pattern to make a lovely scarf, and a good amount of Anthropolgie wonderfulness. You all know me too well!

On the way to my parents’ house for dinner on the evening of my birthday, I insisted we stop at this little field where these beautiful yellow flowers were growing. I pass this field literally almost every day, it’s just a jaunt from my house. I had never fully stopped to look it over though and realize how beautiful it really was, with the little pond and trees and this massive bramble of yellow flowers (daisies?). The flowers were covered in monarch butterflies, who were enjoying the flowers as much as we were. It was all so pretty and golden in the evening sunset, and a perfect background for some snapshots of my little golden gal.
Another great reminder that there are things of beauty just out our doorstep, we just need to look at them with new eyes some times.
Well, it’s just a week until Indie Emporium. I’m getting all nervous and fretful that I dont have enough things to bring, which usually ends up with me having a completely stuffed display. Let’s hope that happens again!
I do have some new prints to share and I will start working on getting a few of those listed on etsy ASAP so those of you who cant come to the show can enjoy them. I am really pleased with how they came out. New prints include Cecily, Maple and Bittersweet, Susannah and Mercy Butler, and a few others.
And if you’re in the Tulsa area next weekend, I encourage you to come out to Indie Emporium! It is so much fun and all handmade.
Be back with more news in a bit~

6 thoughts on “Golden Autumn

  1. So happy to hear you had a great birthday. You got some fabulous goodies…and pumpkin coffee? Yum! I haven't been able to find any yet!!! I see that some of your new prints are in the shop – there is one I must simply have! These are such gorgeous photos – and you have the cutest model amidst the flowers. 🙂


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