The Roses Debut

So I’ve been making rag rose fanciness for family and friends for a couple of months now. I am tentatively ready to bring them out and share them on a larger scale and this weekend at Indie Emporium is their official debut!

Making these roses is a bit addictive. I love how spontaneous they are, you never know how a rose will turn out, but they always seem to come out nice.
I hope some of you get to come out to the show! I’m getting a few ‘first of the season’ jitters. I’m sure all will go well though, and I cant wait to see my local crafty friends! Well, better get ready for a new day of preparations….

15 thoughts on “The Roses Debut

  1. Oh Heather…they are just lovely. A couple of small ones on a hat would look very nice.I know that the show will be a big success…my prayers are with you!m.b.


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