~Sleep in Heavenly Peace~

I just finished this painting up the other day. It feels strange to be thinking about snow and Christmas so soon after such a brutally hot summer, but time definitely marches on!

This painting started with more of a feeling— just that quiet peaceful feeling that comes from being safe and warm inside while the snow falls and transforms the world on the outside. This past winter we got our most epic snow ever— and while there were some nervous moments (we Okies don’t seem to deal well with snow!) there were some very restful and pleasant ones. The Christmas Eve of 2010, we even had a blizzard and were unable to go anywhere on Christmas Day. Luckily I had a turkey thawing in the fridge for what I thought would just be sandwich meat, but it turned into a little Christmas feast, just the three of us, while the snow glistened and blew outside. It is such a sweet memory to me now.

This painting is meant to channel a little of that feeling, and I hope you like it! The young mother and her baby are nestled in a nice knitted shawl and patch work quilt, while the snow falls outside on the prairie. My plan is to display this painting and several others at a gallery event I’m doing at Deep Fork next month. I have a feeling its going to be a great exhibition and I hope that the paintings are received well! If you’re in the OKC area between Nov.19 and mid-January, you can stop in and see the art and enjoy some amazing food!~
Well, there is much more painting I need to get done. Til next time…

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11 thoughts on “~Sleep in Heavenly Peace~

  1. This is truly lovely and leaves me feeling cozy. I loved the days when the snow was falling outside the window and there was much knitting to do. Getting snowed in is wonderful, especially when you don't have to be anywhere. Christmas day is the perfect being snowed in day.


  2. I love it! Isn't it amazing how quickly things change in a matter of a couple of months? Look at those snowflakes in your beautiful painting; I am a snow lover and your painting has made me smile this monday morning.Thank you.


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