Bronte Bliss

I hadn’t planned on going to the antique mall yesterday. I had a lot to do and a busy week ahead of me. But I found myself in a *mood* and thought that maybe sifting through some old junk would cheer me up. It usually does. And boy did it yesterday!~
Although I expected the shop to be picked nearly clean on a Monday, I found this treasure within moments of walking in the door. A beautiful, nearly perfect condition edition of the 1943 Jane Eyre illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg. I don’t remember where, but I’d seen this cover before and it was haunting and so beautiful. Even though I hadn’t really planned to spend money, I snatched this up without hesitation.

With the book was also a Wuthering Heights edition which was obviously its mate with the same binding and illustrations by the same artist. I didn’t realize until I went to pay that the price on the Jane Eyre wasn’t just for that book— it was also for Wuthering Heights, and they came with their own little case and a paper pamphlet that had come with the books from a ‘book of the month club’ in 1943. The books even have a lovely bookplate in the front with the original owner’s name. These volumes were obviously treasured. They were less than $20.

When I found out I got all this for such a nice little price, I nearly shrieked and jumped up and down and cried. Almost. I do have some control 😉
I wanted to share with you just a few of the amazing illustrations in this book. They are like little beautiful dark masterpieces. I heart them something fierce. See for yourself:

Aren’t these just gorgeous? I can’t help but see a little of myself in them. I hope that I might achieve just a fraction of the ‘dark and strange and beautiful’ that Eichenberg manages to capture with his wood engravings. They are just…Magic. I’ll show you the ones in Wuthering Heights at a later time. They are just as gorgeous.
Now I can’t help but think I need to make my own Jane illustrations…..

8 thoughts on “Bronte Bliss

  1. Wow, what a treasure you found. These are rather marvelous. I'm a wee bit jealous, but also very happy for you. They do remind me of your lovely art. I too, love the magic of wood engravings. Such a perfect find!


  2. These are special. These wood engravings do have the same feel to them that your work has. I'm so happy for you that you found these treasures. You never know when something special will happen. Congratulations!


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