Haunting Girls

I thought I’d show you all a bit of my November mantle before the ol’ Christmas rehaul happens later this week. This time is a bit of a transition between Halloween and Christmas which are so vibrantly festive. I like to have a bit of a calmness between them.

I love to rescue old photos, especially old photos of children, and most particularly little girls. The photo in the big gold and black frame we call the spooky girls, because they really are. But I love them! They were definitely the apple of someone’s eye to be photographed and frames so ornately.
The little photo of the pretty little one with the ribbons in her hair I rescued just last week. How could you leave a baby like that alone in a sea of knick knacks? She had to come home with me. I just love that little face.
And speaking of haunting girls….I painted up a Catherine from Wuthering Heights this afternoon! You can see more of her in my etsy shop. What do you think? Does she need a Heathcliff?
Such a busy week coming up. Hope to get a lot done, whether its art, decorating, or eating 😉
Til next time,

5 thoughts on “Haunting Girls

  1. The girls in the first photo are appropriately named, they creep me out a little! But the second one is such a sweetie. I've saved many photos in my day too, but my favorite are the ones with kind faces- old, young, male, female, doesn't matter. I just like it when I can feel the warmth of the person who once stood on the other side of the camera.


  2. Whenever I see old photos in antique shops I always feel a bit sad that someone gave them away or tossed them away. I like your Catherine…I can feel the cold wind blowing off the moor:)


  3. I love your Catherine mug! Wuthering Heights is one of my most favorite books. Those photos – especially the first one – are a bit haunting. Then, there is something so very haunting in all those old photos. Happy Thanksgiving!


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