Vintage Style: Downton Abbey Hair

I love vintage cloths and vintage hairstyles. You don’t much in the way of sumptuous fabrics and elaborate hair in modern style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use those elements, and not look like you’re going to a costume party.

This morning I watched a bit of the new season of Downton Abbey and my first thoughts were “How could Matthew bring another girl home?!” And “Ooohh….I like that velvet. And that lace. And that hair! I want that hair!”
Of course we don’t all have a lady’s maid waiting on us hand and foot to lace and button us into stunning gowns or weave our hair into beautiful coifs. (If I did, I probably would have her too busy washing dishes and putting away laundry. The chores I hate!) but that doesn’t mean we have to do without a little Edwardian glamour.
So, with this in mind, off I trot to youtube, the rabbit’s hole of “how do I….” questions and found several tutorials for Edwardian hair styles. But I found that a lot of these tutorials are pretty elaborate and not suited for everyday use. So I came up with the style shown above that took a grand total of 2 minutes and 2 bobby pins and an elastic band to complete.
And this is how: First, I just combed out my hair (mine falls in a slight side part) and put it in a loose ponytail. At the base of the ponytail, just above the elastic, use your hands to divide the hair in two. Then take the ponytail and flip the end up and through the hole, that will give you the roll look, and the end of the ponytail will be left hanging down your neck. From there, take the rest of the ponytail and tuck it back up into the roll, securing it with a couple of bobby pins. Voila! You are now ready to be the Lady Mary of the grocery store or school pick up line 😉
What do you think? What are your favorite vintage hair styles?

14 thoughts on “Vintage Style: Downton Abbey Hair

  1. I LOVE it! It's dainty and real and sweet. Today, before reading this post, I changed my own hairstyle a bit, too…adding a twist to my usual \”pull back.\” I have naturally curly hair and don't like to wash it every day, and days that are \”off\” I need something to hide it. LOL. I never watched Downtown Abbey but saw that it keeps popping up all over the place. A friend of mine in KY seems to be watching it too. I am not sure what it's all about but I imagine it must be something wonderful! 🙂 ~AMY


  2. Heather you look so pretty! I have always had a thing about past aesthetics; whether it be dresses, hair, hat, shoes… Ever since I was little I always wanted to wear a token of the past. It made me feel like I was holding hands with history. Do you see what I mean?Stephanieps It's really lovely to see a picture of you.


  3. I was married in 1973 and I wore my hair like this, a few trendles on the sides,, I think yours loooks lovely, perfect.I also found this comfy too!It didn't pull as much as when I put it up in other ways,


  4. YouTube is definitely the place to go for hair tutorials! I also found a really awesome cat-eye liquid liner tutorial once. When I was growing up, my mom did the flip-through ponytail thing with my hair pretty often (ah the 90s!), but I've never tried it as an up-do. It goes perfectly with your lamp and dresser! And, oh goodness, I love your wallpaper!Downton Abbey is the best. Masterpiece Theatre had been a little \”meh\” the last few seasons, so Downton is such welcome relief! I love costume dramas.


  5. I have been slacking on commenting on my blog friends posts. So, I am catching up. Firstly, I love your gray scarf! It is very yummy and cozy looking. Is it a moss stitch? Your Dapper Mr. Fox painting is fantastic. As is all of your artwork. I love it!Your vintage hair do, is really fun. I used to wear my hair like that on occasion. I also like a french twist. Very pretty and soft.


  6. I LOVE the series Downton Abby!!! I watched all of the first season and now am hooked on the second! absolutley the best if you have not viewed it yet. If you saw the second week on Sunday night, I really loved the cute hat that Anna wore to town to see her beloved Mr. Bates.Do such hats still exist?


  7. That looks gorgeous!! Oh, the costumes and hair on Downton Abbey are so lovely, and I sort of wish those giant flower-bedecked hats were still in fashion. I'm waiting on my hair to grow out a little so I can play with old-fashioned up-dos again!


  8. This is neat, I will try it.I was looking for something EXACTLY like this because I tried the tutorials in youtube and it was, like you said, too elaborate to do in the morning and it fell appart right away no matter how many bobby pins I used…Thanks then;)


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