My Laura

So this afternoon I finished up my second Little House themed painting, this one is simply “Laura.” I imagine this to be Laura first arriving in the Dakota Territories, when the railroad is being build and she’s out riding ponies and exploring the strange new territory that will be her home.

I hope you like this one! I wish I had a nice red dress like this one. Red was often young Laura’s color, and its my favorite too. When I do my next print order, I will be sure to get some made of these new paintings. Hope you like them!~


14 thoughts on “My Laura

  1. I love this one of Laura in her red dress and I will be looking for the prints from this collection as well! This is so fun to watch unfold! Thanks Heather!!


  2. Just beautiful! I never missed an episode of Little House. I even played Nellie in a 5th grade play. I realized then that I didn't like playing the \”meanie.\” It made me feel horrible! I much preferred Laura but I didn't look enough like her to play her, according to my teacher!Thank you for sharing.xoHolly


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