A little muesli on the prairie

It’s a rainy day today, and the truth of the matter is we’re being a little lazy. My husband told me yesterday to “take some PTO”, which really never occurs to me, but I thought I’d try it. Obviously, my staff is already indulging themselves in some time off 😉

I found myself hungry for some homemade muesli, which has become one of my favorite snacks to indulge in, especially since it’s more good for you than bad. And in the new spirit of combining my “Ma Ingalls” blog with this blog, I thought I’d share with you this very easy, very natural, and very basic recipe that uses whatever all-natural ingredients you may have on hand and magically turns them into a delicious and healthy treat.
Although I always thought of Muesli as something from New Zealand, it was evidently created by a European doctor to increase the health of his patients. It combines grains such as oats with granola, nuts, seeds and dried berries. You can eat mixed like that as if it were a cereal, but I like best is to cook up a pot of honey (about a cup or so), butter (about 2 tablespoons) and peanut butter (a nice liberal tablespoon) and then stir in the oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. it’s literally something you put together with whatever is on hand.

Mix it all together, and then cover a glass pan with wax paper and pour the mixture in, patting down hard so that everything packs together and starts to congeal as it cools. When it has cooled down you can cut it into little squares and voila, you have a homemade granola bar-type snack with no additives, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals. Just good and basic things we all need in our diet but sometimes don’t know how to add.
I like to eat mine with a cup of milk (I added some nutmeg to my milk in the photo) I’m trying to reaffirm my mission to eat more healthfully and naturally. We just signed up to join a food co-op and I’ve been reading up on new vegetarian meals to incorporate into our routine and getting more fruits and greens into the things we eat. I don’t like the idea of taking things away, but rather adding better stuff in what we’re eating daily. And the more local you can buy your food, the more you’re supporting your own community. That is, after all, how they did things in ‘the olden days.’ And I think this may be one way of doing things where the old way was, in fact, better.

13 thoughts on “A little muesli on the prairie

  1. Oh thank you, Heather! Homemade muesli and granola is fabulous. I should definitely try this – I've always been intimidated by making it, but you have shown how really easy it is. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying a little PTO- we all need it!!!! 🙂


  2. Oh, that looks yummy! I think I would have it with a cup of chai…mmmmmm.Yesterday on Pinterest I found another good looking recipe that kind of reminds me of this one http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com/2011/08/no-bake-energy-bites-recipe.htmlWe are trying to eat healthier here as well and trying to eat more locally grown foods. I found this fabulous blog for Washington state that gives you a list of what foods are good for the current time of year and recipe ideas to go with it.Have a fabulous and restful weekend!


  3. I have never eaten muesli, but granola…now that is something I want to make :-)Making a commitment to eat healthier is a good one. I pray that you start slowly and enjoy the journey.m.


  4. Heather- Good for you to take a PTO day! Your husband was so right about that one. We all need to make space to recharge and give ourselves rest AND delicious fuel to keep going!! I make a homemade granola similar to that which I eat for breakfast during the week. IT is so delicious and I love to make and eat something that is good for me. Ma Ingalls would have found your museli a family favorite no doubt! I can't wait to see what painting inspiration comes from all that whole grain goodness!


  5. I am going to have to try your recipe.I am always wanting something healthy in the mornings that won't bog me down and I can eat just plain eggs.I usually just end up skipping breakfast and then when I get busy painting I skip lunch as well.


  6. I've really been trying to get back to the basics with my diet too. Your muesli sounds wonderful, I think I just might have to incorporate that into my routine! A little square of homemade goodness with some hot tea sounds rather yummy right now.


  7. The muesli looks delicious. Have fun with your co-op! We have a CSA membership, which is really fabulous for eggs. We didn't get much produce last year because of the heat, but my fingers are crossed that this year will be better!I had to start scheduling my work because it was creeping into every waking hour. That happens so easily when work and home are the same place! I'm glad you enjoyed your day off!


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