A January Commission

I thought I’d share with you one of the secret commissions I worked on during January, this one a painting to celebrate a couple’s anniversary. It’s always fun to incorporate little details that mean something specifically to the person the painting is meant for— flowers from their wedding bouquet, scenes depicting their honeymoon spot, a tiny brooch with a special character, and tiny bees for a nickname.

I hear it went over well, and that always makes me very happy! In fact, having someone love something that I made is probably the very very best part of painting. I am just so happy when that happens!
I have another commission finished and ready to send and another one to start on. So this new year is starting out with a customized bang! I also just finished my third Little House painting and expect to be able to offer the first two in print form very soon.
Thanks for stopping by to visit!~ Have a good week,

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