Rowena from the British Isles

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in all things British, and not just because I’m a wee bit obsessed with Downton Abbey (it’s just a symptom, if you ask me) My ancestry search has led me to the rural moors and dales of North Yorkshire on my husband’s side, and my own side has revealed an urban Irish surprise with an Irish knight out of Dublin. I love the feeling of a quiet connection to lands and people far away, connections hidden behind a pale complexion and freckles and a soft spot for gray misty days.

With all this stewing away in my little brain, I’ve been painting quite contentedly to the Kate Rusby channel on Pandora and working on a couple of pieces– the piece above, Rowena, being the first to share.
I wanted to paint something that someone could look at and feel an immediate and instant connection to their own past with. Perhaps there is a wild-haired redhead with dreamy green eyes in your past or mine. Who knows? Could be!
Of course when I painted Rowena, I did so with the idea that she would go to someone who really loved her. I hope she strikes a chord with someone out there, who never knew they needed her til they saw her. That’s my favorite thing about painting, to be sure! If you’re curious about Rowena, or would like to see other images of her, please visit her in my etsy shop.
Thank you for stopping in today. It’s nice to have you here!
Til next time,

13 thoughts on “Rowena from the British Isles

  1. It is all thanks to your Downton Abby posts, here FB, that I finally started watching it and now I need to catch the back episodes. Love it. Working on your ancestry is a treasure. I love the thought of Sir James Pickering and Pickering castle England. My grandmother stole a piece of rubble from there and I am proud to say that it has a place of honor in our home. Since her maiden name is Pickering, she justified it as being her inheritance. Or thinking of the area surrounding the Ribble River in England being named after my family. And a little more closer to home is my Native American Ancestry. On a side note, my only daughter cherishes her two Anne of Green Gables pictures we bought from you for her Christmas. She is constantly trying to copy them and study the art from them. She is nine and I need order her some Laura ones for her July Birthday. You have become our famous artist.


  2. My husband is British or rather Irish/French Canadian.When we go to visit my MIL I make him take me to Cornwall and Hay On Wye (in Wales).The drive is just so beautiful and when you get away from the build up towns and more modern conveniences you feel as if you have entered another world.I hope we can live there some day but he loves America.Rowena is a lovely girl.


  3. England has always held such a special place in my heart 🙂 Your picture is just lovely…thank you for sharing her with me today.Peace be with you,m.


  4. Oh, beautiful! My mom is traveling to Derbyshire this spring to visit a distant relative she found. They've been writing letters back and forth and we've learned some amazing stories about our history. Happy Weekend!Jenny 🙂


  5. Rowena is beautiful with her flowing red hair! And what is it that we are so drawn to those bucolic green spaces in the British Isles?? We have green spaces here in the US but somehow it doesnt seem so dreamy? Must think upon that over a cup of tea!


  6. Hi there, I don't believe I have ever commented before but this piece just struck me and I had to say something! Rowena is stunning. I am in complete infatuation with Kate Rusby as well, I just love the folk music of the British Isles. Rowena looks quite like my mother as a teen, so I suppose that's why she struck me so! Of course my mother was laiden with a shorter 1970's hairstyle… but nonetheless, the face and the hair colour. Beautiful 🙂


  7. It's fascinating as a Brit (born in England, living in Wales) to get an insight into how those from further afield see our wonderful land. It is a landscape that has been shaped by natural forces but worked by man to his benefit for millennia. I wonder if the patchwork of fields here – the product of the enclosures – is what holds so much appeal for people from afar … yet for many Brits, however much we love our landscape, those hedges and walls are a constant reminder of the theft of the common land from the people. I don't mean we still fret about that, just that those fields have extra layers of meaning for us.Love the painting Heather.Lovely post Heather.


  8. Rowena is so beautiful. 🙂 I must tell you that I finally purchased season one of Downton Abbey – got a amazon gift certificate for Valentine's. 🙂 What an inspirational photograph that is! I love all things English/Irish/Scottish as well. I think I spot a sheep in this photo.


  9. You know I'm a total Anglo-addict. I don't want to wait a year for the next season of Downton! Paul and I are going to England sometime this year. Yippee! When just depends on his current project. So excited!P.S. Love Rowena's freckles!


  10. Rowena is beautiful, Heather! I almost named my English lass the same in a book but went with a Scots name instead. Love the red hair and greene yes. Also love the knitting basket I spied below on your snow day post;)


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