Family Portraits

Over the past few years, I’ve made a lot of family portraits. Some of my favorite portraits, however, concern people’s beloved ancestors. Sometimes they have an old photo. Sometimes all they know is a name and where they were from. But something about a particular ancestor’s story has a special place in their heart and they want a tangible momento to remember them by, and that’s where I come in.

I think these projects are so interesting to work on, and thought that perhaps people hadn’t even considered the idea of an ancestor portrait, so I would bring it up myself! There are so many fun and beautiful ways to memorialize and ancestor– anything from a family portrait, a wedding portrait, a mother and child portrait, a sibling portrait, or even a lone person portrait. In the past I’ve made relics of an ancestor lost to the Salem Witch Hunt and also to a Bohemian family’s crossing to Ellis Island. Every family has interesting stories, and I love exploring those through art. Chances are, someone in your past made a great journey, married the love of their life, planted a lush garden, boarded a boat, stood gazing at the sea, or walked through an expanse of landscape that is at once long ago and close to your own heart.
So if you are so inclined to go on this artistic journey with me, I’d love to have you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m offering a general listing for the portraits done in the size and style of the portrait shown above. You can see more info including pricing in the etsy listing. And feel free to email any time with any questions you might have at audreyeclectic (at) A nice way to star the springtime, don’t you think?
Have a good weekend,

9 thoughts on “Family Portraits

  1. I think that is a wonderful idea Heather and would love to order one once I get my grandparents picture back.I have been thinking of doing it for a long while and I love your folk art and it would be a treasure to have.


  2. I must think about this idea because I love the art you do and a big family portrait would be such a fabulous keepsake!! Thanks for the opportunity to consider.


  3. What an interesting idea for an art project! Plus your examples is really so well done. I'll have to pop over to your etsy shop and see more! Good work.


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