Spring Print Sale!~

With spring now here and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought it was high time for a sale! I’ve marked down many of my prints in my etsy shop to make for you good shopping— because if you’re buying for Mom you might as well buy one for yourself as well, right?

Please stop by and take a look! All the prints perfect for spring are now on sale. I also marked down the 2011 Saint Lucia Christmas Posters because I have a few left that need homes! They printed up beautifully! And when I put out the 2012 Christmas Posters later this year, you’ll have the whole set :)s
Thanks again! Happy April!~

3 thoughts on “Spring Print Sale!~

  1. You have my curiosity up with the 2012 Christmas poster that will go with my Santa Lucia poster! Perhpas a St.Nicholas?? A Babushka? I love a good surprise!


  2. Haha, well I dont know what the poster will be yet, but I know it will go with St. Lucia! I've got a copy framed myself, and look forward to adding to the poster collection 🙂


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