Everyday things get bloomier and greener around here. Everything is waking up, and blooming where it was planted, a sentiment many of us seem to share, if my last post is any indication 🙂 there is a nice calmness to routine, to growing where you’ve always been. And maybe even improving, bit by bit, right where you started. I appreciate all your encouragement and your own personal stories about your little houses. I think you are so right about the cozyness, and how it feels much more like a ‘home’ than some grand place. I always enjoy learning about how others live and so you’ve inspired me, and made me even more motivated to settle in and bask in the littleness 🙂

One of the many little things I like about my house, are my flowers. I’ve spend several years now planting perennials and trying to stuff the gardens full so that they are always blooming and brambled. The other day my first rose opened up, just off the back porch. I love this rose so much because it is so decadent and ladylike, so old fashioned. Just the palest of pinks with so many layers of petals they appear to bloom as a ruffle. I bought this rose at a local herb festival a few years back, and I had to carry the whole potted bush plus a small child across the whole festival to get back to my truck. It was no easy task, and I ended up getting help from a few kind strangers. But I got it home, got it planted, and here she is! I’ve been feeding my roses some rose food as they’ve come back to life after their winter sleep, and I hope it helps them bloom into epic loveliness. I love this time of year!
Til next time,

6 thoughts on “*bloom*

  1. spring is always so exciting and rejuvenating. finally those winter blues are going away, and it sounds like you already have a great attitude going into it!


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