Return from the Renaissance

  Well, this weekend I attended my first renaissance festival with some friends– can you believe I’d never been? I wore a new shirt I got from the sale racks of Anthropologie with an attached lace cape and cut some branches from the boxwood and some fennel in the front yard and voila, renaissance hair! I also wore some of my favorite pieces from Parrish Relics. If you’ve never seen the jewelry made by artist Jennifer Parrish, you should check out her shop, her work is amazing! It really captures the romance and beauty of the Renaissance era.
   When we got to the festival we were lucky to find weather cooled down by a passing storm but no rain, and the people watching was unsurpassed! Turkey legs were eaten. Jousting watched. I even bought the most interesting tea cup. Lots of intriguing things to do and see at the Renaissance fair! And I was exhausted and ready for a bath by the time the afternoon was done 🙂
    Have you ever been to a Renaissance fair? The one we attended in Muskogee, Oklahoma was large and rather impressive! They do all sorts of events throughout the year, and are holding the Renaissance Fair every weekend in May. You might even see the queen, pictured just above in her carriage!

 Happy Weekend~

18 thoughts on “Return from the Renaissance

  1. We love the Renaissance Festival too and eagerly wait for it to return to the Colorado Renaissance Festival Grounds in Larkspur, CO. I will have to email you picts when we go next month. We just love it.Kind Regards,Heather


  2. Heather~ You look absolutely like a maiden from King Arthur's era! We have a similar Medieval Fair the first part of February complete with the same sort of festivities and stuff like jousting on horses and sword fighting in official metal garb. It is fun and attracts huge crowds.I am glad you had a day of fun with your friends and who knows, maybe some of that inspiration will make it's way into a painting??!!


  3. Oh, how fun! I've only been once and I loved it. My son came along too dressed as a peasant boy. He smudged a little dirt on his face to really look the part. I love to play dress up. :)Jenny


  4. Oh my gosh, how FUN! I've been before, but it's been years. I really need to go again this year. Maybe I'll run into you there, m'lady! ;-)~


  5. How Lovely! All of it! I haven't been to a Faire in a long time. The last time my parent's went, they brought me back a little green velvet lace-up bodice. Your top with cape, hair and relics are all perfect for a perfect day. Fun!xoxo!


  6. I've never been to the Muskogee Ren fair, but we used to go to the Medieval Fair in Norman every year. We're thinking about going to the Renaissance Fair in Kansas City this year–evidently it's a pretty big deal. Love your hair accessory! 🙂


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