Little House Originals in Etsy

    Good news for my fellow Little House fans– I’ve just listed three original paintings from my Little House painting series (including the one above) for sale in my etsy shop! They are ready for new homes, so I hope that you might take a moment to browse through and see if there’s one that you like!

   Things have been pretty busy around here art-wise, I just finished a large 1930s era style painting of three girls, and am putting the finishing touches on a new St. Lucia piece. I’m looking forward to sharing them all with you! 

   And as June approaches, I want to remind you all that I’m still taking submissions for my Project Art Fairy. If there is someone in your life who is special or priceless, or someone who you love who is going through a difficult time who could use a little random art fairy magic, let me know!  I’m happy to report that April and May’s recipients were all happily surprised by their unexpected art arriving at their door, and both of their stories were so lovely and special. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be as moved as I have been to be part of the project. I considered myself a sort of ‘middle man’ between someone who does good in the world and the people they love. But I have been really moved and also inspired by the stories of those submitted. It warms my heart and makes me know that there are little ways, every day, in which we can make a positive impact on the world.

   Well, my American friends, I hope you have a great holiday weekend– stay safe! It promises to be sunny and dry around here….I sort of wish for a good holiday thunderstorm 😉 but I’m difficult like that sometimes!

   Have a good weekend all,

3 thoughts on “Little House Originals in Etsy

  1. Yes the Project Art Fairy is truly heart-warming. Thank you so much Heather for the kindness you bring to the world. And I love this picture. Somehow it feels like an `Audrey Ecclectic-classic´, it´s really one of my favourites of your pictures.


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