Post cards from the weekend

     This weekend was warm and clear, but we were in the Ozarks, off of Table Rock Lake to be exact, and so it didn’t have quite the oppressive heat of an Oklahoma summer. My husband’s parents have retired to this rural area, and their back yard dips down into the rocky woody beach of this emerald colored lake. We went kayaking for the first time and both of us really, really enjoyed it. I love when exercise can entertain you mentally while you work. And it was a lot of fun to take in the scenery and ride the waves of a passing boat in our little floating vessels. We may need a kayak of our own…

    We saw lots of wildlife— birds and rabbits and deer. On Sunday, though, we saw the most precious sight meandering through my in-law’s yard: a family of deer, including the mama, two twin babies and the daddy. I’ve never seen a complete family like that with deer, usually its just the mother and the baby. It was so precious!
   On our way out of town Sunday we stopped in Eureka Springs, one of our very favorite places to visit. The downtown is beautiful, built into the craggy mountainside, with lots of great shops. We only stayed for a bit, but it was enough to get our fix of the place! Then it was back on the road, home.

   And although the ride back home is always the hardest (and seems twice as long) we saw lots of beautiful wildflowers along the road, especially in Missouri. It is obviously the season for Queen Anne’s Lace, which grew in abandon along all the country roads, along with purple thistle and some Black Eyed Susan. I love the look of Queen Anne’s Lace though, I think it might be my favorite wild flower. We get it here, but never in as large a mass as we saw on our drive in the mountains.

   And now…Home. Laundry to do now, of course, groceries to buy, and time to paint. Hope you enjoyed these little shots! And hope you had a good weekend as well,


9 thoughts on “Post cards from the weekend

  1. I enjoyed the post cards from your weekend! Especially the deer family!!! The location looked lovely and nice to know that places still exist where the insufferable summer is not present!


  2. Oh Eureka Springs is like a step back in time! Gorgeous! I sometimes look at pictures of cities from the earlier half of the 20th century and just swooooon.Hopefully there were no buggies on your trip? Buggies meaning mosquitos and such. Do you guys have those nasty critters down there?Those deer look absolutely unreal! How'd you get so close?!


  3. Winnie, thank you! Yes, those deer were so precious! And while it wasnt unbearably hot, it will get hot there…although its always worse for us here on the plains without all those trees and things to shade us. Where's the rain around here!?


  4. Jennifer, Eureka Springs is a gorgeous old town! All sorts of beautiful old buildings and houses and even a huge haunted hotel! It has an atmosphere like no other place. We love it.Oh, and I wasnt too terribly close to the deer! Most of was the zoom on my camera lense!


  5. Aw, the deer family is so sweet! we have MANY deer near our home but I have also never seen a family together like that…you were in the right place at the right time!


  6. How beautiful it looks there! Glad you had a nice time. I've never been kayaking before – looks like fun. I've NEVER seen an entire family of deer, either. What a PRECIOUS sight! So glad you got a photo of this. So amazing. That field of flowers is stunning – I adore Queen Anne's Lace and Scottish Thistle. Thanks for taking us along on your trip!


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