Shop I Love: Bayberry Cove

(Ghost Dolls, left and center, by Nicol Sayre from Bayberry Cove)

  Several years ago I was in a little boutique on our first anniversary and saw my first Nicol Sayre doll. I was in love. It was a large witch doll with the sweetest face. I was so hooked. I brought it home with me from that trip and was thrilled with it, and so intrigued by the artist who created it.
   Unfortunately, I never seemed to come across Nicol’s work again until I heard about the website Bayberry Cove, which sells a variety of beautiful items from several different artisans, including Nicol. I was thrilled to see that they sold several different seasons worth of items– everything from Halloween to Christmas to springtime and Independence Day– from Nicol’s line of dolls. And so, my collecting began, thanks to a husband who knew that they make lovely gifts for any occasion and now a 5 year old daughter who pleads with him, “mama really needs that ghost doll.”
(Large Green Santa and white angel Christmas Tree Topper/Doll by Nicol Sayre)
    Through the years I’ve also started collecting a few of the santas offered on Bayberry Cove, some of which they even offered as signed by Nicol (like the big green santa!). Shipping is always pretty quick and each doll is packaged so sweetly, I love undoing the little ribbon and peeking inside the pretty papers to see what has arrived at my doorstep. Debbie, the proprietress at Bayberry Cove is also very sweet and quick to answer any questions or concerns about any of the items. And each piece I get becomes a new favorite. This year’s splurge? The two ghosts seen above.

(Witch riding a crow and pumkin box by Nicol Sayre )  

And while yes, it is only June, I am very much looking forward to autumn and then Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year! When is your favorite time of year to decorate for? Do you have a certain theme, or favorite piece you bring out to celebrate? I’ll tell you the truth— I tend to keep a lot of these halloween pieces in my bedroom, they’re too pretty to put in a box or a cabinet. Then during their season they get to come out and be in the rest of the house. It’s fun! And I love it all.  

 And so if you’re looking around for some nice holiday decor that is heirloom quality and not just the regular  knicky-nack stuff you see so often, I highly encourage you to check out Bayberry Cove. I know they have helped me procure many a treasure, and my little one is totally enamored with it all. It helps me create a holiday mood that is vintage and whimsical and not like what you see everywhere. It’s really special to me. And I’m so happy to have found Nicol’s work and Bayberry Cove!



9 thoughts on “Shop I Love: Bayberry Cove

  1. I LOVE Halloween decor, I always have…I think it may be because my birthday is on Halloween. 🙂 I just love the colors, the sweets and the magic of it all.


  2. Nicol's dolls are indeed quite whimsical with their Halloween faces! I love the big Santa too. No wonder you keep them out year long– they need to be enjoyed everyday! She has an interesting take on all of the magic and fun of the Halloween celebration!~Thanks for sharing!


  3. Yes! Love, love, love Bayberry Cove as well! Especially Wendy Addison. Her knack for making glitter (one of my favourite things) Victorian looking is utterly divine.


  4. They are so beautiful, Heather! Thanks for sharing this site. I see that the shop also carries Johanna Parker's work, as well. I just adore Halloween decor with an old-time feel to it. I'll be poking around this site, for sure!


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