Independence Day

   Oh dear. Here it is Independence Day, and I’m drinking tea and I’m surrounded by this and painting Austen portraits….Luckily, I don’t think I’ll find myself thrown in the harbor. Sure, it might be a welcome relief with it being another triple digit day, but despite my anglophile tendencies (I’ve found in my family research that more than anything, my ancestry appear to be English! No wonder then, right?) I am very firmly an American girl and patriotic in my own little ways.

    In my artistic endeavors, it has become important to me to support and use local items and supplies. Some are very local, others more regional, but still, the bulk of Audrey Eclectic is indeed American Made. The wooden plaques I paint on are from Texas. The paints I prefer, Americana, come from Kentucky. My postcards and business cards come from Tennessee and my prints are done in Tulsa, Ok. And the painting, of course, is done right here in my little house. Can’t get more local than that!

   So if you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the art done here, now you know 🙂 and while I will indulge myself in some English tea and Swedish coffee, love Russian art and admire movies from Japan, by and large Audrey Eclectic is an American endeavor, and I’m proud of that!

   Happy 4th of July my friends! And I’m glad that things have settled into friendship between us and the other side of the pond 😉 if you could only see how much Union Jack stuff I’ve seen in the stores lately….I’d say America was having a bit of a British Romance at the moment, perhaps because of the Diamond Jubilee. Just don’t tell Uncle Sam 😉

Send you peace, love, and freedom*

8 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I always feel a bit weird about the Fourth of July. Don't get me wrong–I'm really glad I was born in America and not some third-world country. It's just that I've always felt so much more at home in Europe. Plus, unquestioning patriotism makes me a bit uncomfortable. If we can't admit that there's room for improvement, how can we have the kind of democracy we ought to have? All that being said, I do like to go see the professional fireworks displays that the city and the country club put on.


  2. Heather,I was shocked to see your picture, cause it looks just like mine! Only I don't have your fabulous Austen picture… yet! That and I am drinking some iced herbal tea, and admiring the new Jane Austen Knits and I just bought that same Downton Abby Book… Except you could add in my picture another magazine…. SOMERSET LIFE FEATURING FABULOUS YOU ON PAGE !!!!!!! Yay!!!! congratulations!!! I can only imagine how cool it must be to be in a Somerset LifenMagazine!!! I am so excited for you! Happy Fourth of July!


  3. Hello Heather from gay Paris! Yesterday July 4 was not a special day but we will celebrate the French national day July 14 called Bastille Day! I love that you are creating a strong American based business !! We must support our own economy and workers if we are all going to fare well in our country. There is something about not being home that makes me homesick for America . It is amazing here in this city but I don't have the same level of proud when I see things . But when I hear that Americans are making American based businesses , I feel a strong sense of proud. More later . Au revoir.


  4. Well here in the UK we're not celebrating the 4th of July but I hope all my American buddies had a good one ;o)And if you think you've got a lot of Union Jacks in America at the moment you should see the stores in the UK lol it's crazy here with the Jubilee, Wimbledon and the Olympics coming up it's a right royal affair, there are even pink shabby chic Union Jacks…..go figure ;o)X


  5. My father is a Union man so I remember when I was little, he wouldn't wear any clothing or shoes that weren't made in the good ol' USA.. We had to check tags on clothing to find him a Christmas present! Your local artwork does America proud 😉


  6. I just spotted a book that looks more than interesting, The World of Downtown Abbey… I have to get that one. Right now I am watching the second season and I´m in love. I actually think the 2nd season is even better than the first- I really like the perspective with the war. I love the wooden plaques you use; you really should continue painting on wooden plaques in the future i think


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