My RAW interview!

Ahhh, you guys! My interview from the RAW show last month is finally online. I’ll be truthful, I was a little scared to see it! They filmed it out on a busy rush-hour street corner with lots of random goings-on happening around he and it was hard to focus, not giggle, and not ramble to a complete stop. So– THANKS— to the editor! And also…is that really how my voice sounds? Hehehe….

Enjoy! And happy weekend!

16 thoughts on “My RAW interview!

  1. Wonderful interview, Heather!! So neat to see and hear your voice too! Congratulations on being selected for this RAW event. You must be feeling very proud that all of your hard work is finally getting recognized and taking off! Yay!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. It was fantastic! You looked like a seasoned TV person. You did great, I thought you seemed very relaxed. And on another note, my prints came yesterday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! The girls are very excited to have Little House on the Prairie themed art in their room:)


  3. Thanks everyone! Nice to 'meet' you all as well 😀 I felt like I was so nervous and scatter brained when we did that interview…they brought me out to the sidewalk beside a busy street at rush hour and then wanted me to explain my art…I thought my brain might explode ;)Lol, and I dont think my voice sounds weird— its just not exactly what I hear, you know, you always sound different to yourself when you hear yourself recorded. I also seem to be really fidgety with my face when I talk, lol, I never realized that! Hehehe….


  4. How exciting! What a nice interview (and a nice little preview of some of your work, as well). I hope it creates some more Audrey Eclectic fans! 🙂


  5. Great job. Since I don't know what you sound like I can't answer that question, but I think you came across very competent and not unseasoned at all.


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