Oh, Autumn!~

  It is not such a big secret that I love autumn and Halloween. I kid my mother that I was nearly a month over-due (I was supposed to be an August baby) because I preferred the season over summer. Some years my birthday is the first day of autumn, and it makes me feel special. I am a child of this season!

   This afternoon after I’d made some good headway on a commissioned piece, I started digging through my stash of old magazines looking for one word: OCTOBER. Because good gracious, I love October. My husband was born in October, our anniversary is in October, I wear an opal ring that isn’t even my birthstone– it’s the birthstone of, yep, October. 

  When I was in college I worked at a plant nursery and every year we’d get truck loads of pumpkins in huge boxes. I’d always get hoisted in the box and have to lift out each heavy gourd one.at. a. time until the box was empty and I had to scramble up from the bottom. But I loved it, because it meant my season was here.

  My plan this evening is to leisurely browse through these old magazines and soak up the colors and the scenes. Once I get the season in my brain, I know I will be ready to paint!

   So, while I am undoubtedly an Autumn Girl, what season do you prefer? Is there a time of year that makes you so happy and excited? What is your favorite thing about it? And if you love autumn, what are you most looking forward to? I’d love to hear!~


10 thoughts on “Oh, Autumn!~

  1. What a fun post! I was due on Christmas day but didn't come till Jan 18th – those were the days when moms just waited patiently. hahaI LOVE Autumn, it's probably my favorite. We've had such a mild summer that I actually haven't really started thinking about it yet with the exception of really wanting to wear my boots that I got last year. I miss them and it's not cool enough to wear them now.Have a great day!Holly


  2. Oh, what a beautiful photo of your October stash of magazines!!Who can resist the lure of piles of orange pumpkins, crates of fresh picked apples,the changing of the leaves on the trees, and that unmistakable earthy smell on a cool crisp fall morning??? I may have been born in July, but I am an Autumn girl through and through! Looking forward to what inspiration surfaces from your soaking in of the colors! And being hoisted in a box full of pumpkins??? Now that sounds like a dream come true to me! I have always said, you just can't have too many pumpkins!


  3. I LOVE autumn. Once it starts getting hot, I think, \”only four more months until October…only three more months…only two more months…\” I especially love the food: roasts, stews, savory pies, apples, pears, squashes. I'm a really big fan of the cardigan, as well. Can't wait!


  4. October is my month also! Our anniversary is in October, My birthday is on Halloween and our little one is expected in October so I am definitely looking forward to Fall. 🙂 I see Hobby Lobby already has fall decor AND overload of Christmas decor out.. little too soon for Christmas in my opinion.


  5. I do appreciate Autumn. My favorite season is Winter. My birthday is in late January and my mom in early February. What I love about Winter is eggnog, the excitement of the first snow, the feeling of nesting and family that comes with the colder months, pine trees. There is a beauty in Winter that makes my heart dreamy.


  6. Hello Heather,It is so good to 'meet' you! I've been meaning to stop by your blog for quite some time. You are my neighbor in the 'blogs with a view' section of Somerset Life. I wanted to congratulate you for your terrific article and amazing art being featured. I really liked what you wrote about appreciating your small home and looking at it with fresh eyes. I sometimes get frustrated with the size of our small home, too, but I can get rejuvenated when I change it up. Your artwork is so beautiful! And I just watched your RAW interview and discovered that we both have daughters named Audrey. My girl is 5. I'll be back visiting you again. Again, congratulations!(oh, and I totally hoard old magazines, too. I miss those old Home Companions!)- Susan


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