Apple Pickers

     Hello and good morning!~
             I have a new painting to share with you today! Another one to add to my collection of autumn pieces. This one is called “Apple Pickers” and it shows two pretty ladies out in their apple orchard harvesting some fruit. I enjoyed the challenge of painting baskets in another painting not too long ago, so I thought I’d add some more to this piece! In the background is an old fashioned white farm house and red barn set against the brilliant orange foliage of fall.

    It is my hope that come September, I will have a good sized collection of autumn and Christmas items to add to my etsy shop. It will be so fun to really start the season off and revitalize the shop. My plan this year is to participate in Indie Emporium in late September as my local craft show, and then just focus on online sales. Though it was a hard decision, I just think that December craft shows are too much. I want to be able to focus on my family’s celebrations that month, and make sure that I’m giving proper attention to my etsy shop and national and international buyers. So often those things get pushed aside for a craft show, and I feel like I need to try something different for a change.

   So! Here is to a new season, coming to us very soon! I hope you will join me in celebrating!~

14 thoughts on “Apple Pickers

  1. I love this Apple Pickers!!!!!!! That is me with the blond hair! This painting just resonates with me and the wonderful possibilities that fresh picked apples bring to the season. Apples and fall? Now that is a recipe requiring cinnamon and a flannel shirt for some serious porch sitting in the evening. Possibly with a cup of my home coffee blend \”Warm Apple Pie?\” Oh, I am excited about the new fall line shaping up!!!


  2. Every time I see your paintings, I wish that I owned a children's book with your illustrations. They are so eye-catching! I love the colors of the Apple Pickers painting.


  3. Beautiful Heather! I have a thing about apples… This is another stunning piece!Stephanieps I'm not totally ready to embrace Autumn yet. When I return from our family summer holidays I will turn the page then 😉


  4. Heather,Beutiful paintings. I love Autumn and have to say I am anxious for its return.I love the crackle finish on your header painting. It looks like the tiny branches of a Winter tree.


  5. Hi Heather! I saw you on A Primitive Place, where your profile picture captivates me – I didn't realize YOU created it!! Your art is absolutely beautiful, the colors, the subjects….what an amazing artist you are! I'll be checking back to your blog often! 🙂


  6. hello sweet you * what an adorable the colors and the softness here, and I just thought how good it was that you made so much autumn and winter-pieces now that it´s getting closer. here you feel the autumn already in the air. a bit chillier tone in the wond though the warmth. and I think you are thinking wise about your work. thinking that so many find you here and buys over the net. and I will surely join you in celebrating ***and yes, wasn´t it adorable with the hedgehog. it´s just down our street I took the picture. they seem to have a heavy road there 🙂 and our work are finally starting to move forward..***love Lycke


  7. One of my favorite old photos is one of me (aged two or three) with my grandfather standing in an orchard on an apple-picking trip. He's always been very keen on local produce and some of my happiest memories are going to farm stands and u-picks with him and my grandmother.Indie Emporium sounds like a lot of fun. I definitely agree that December craft shows are insane. It would be so difficult for you to enjoy the holiday season with your family!


  8. hello again! had to take a peak again, so wonderful autumnfeelings here. and about your postcards, glad you saw them and I love them really, see them every day in the kitchen :))Fridaykisses Lycke


  9. Heather, you are so talented at photographing items. I love how you have created a wonderful autumn feeling with leaves here. I always feel very inspired by your photography- you really know how to create an atmosphere. Love Sara


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