An Old Fashioned Family Portrait

    One thing I really love about doing commission work is getting to know the people and families I’m making the art for. It is a unique task and lots of fun to try to figure out how best to go about making something special and meaningful to someone I usually have never met. I am happy to report that this painting was very rewarding to create and has a lovely family to go home to!
   It started out in a unique way as well because the piece is painted on an antique wooden drawer that had been part of the workshop of the family’s grandfather. It was such an interesting surface to work with and really gave it a little something extra that made the piece have an authentically old feel.
   I painted the family in a springtime scene using the mother’s favorite colors and arranged the family in front of their 1817 New England home, wearing period clothes. There are lots of little details in the painting, and I enjoy tucking little things in for the families to find upon close inspection.

   This photo of the painting still on my desk as I worked on it gives a better look at the texture of the wooden drawer. The wood was very sturdy and well worn, and made a perfect setting for an antique-style family portrait!

    The painting is now safe in it’s new home and it’s on to other pieces for me! I’m just finishing up a smaller commission and then I have another huge one to tackle— I’m looking forward to it! I am also getting prepared for the store update on Sept.1 with lots of new fall and winter items! Can’t wait for you all to see them!
    In other news, school started yesterday and things have been busy, but I’m looking forward to the new routine and time to paint. So far she’s loving kindergarten and I’m so excited to see all that she learns this year! 
   Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you more soon!~

15 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Family Portrait

  1. That is a REALLY beautiful painting. I love that the canvas is part of that family's history and it makes the painting that much more special. Love when old wood is reused in art pieces.


  2. What a fortunate family to receive this special heirloom painting from you Heather! I'm not surprised they live here in New England by the looks of the painting. :)Hope your little Audrey enjoys kindergarten, my A starts next week.


  3. This is a wonderful painting of the family! And I too love the fact that it is painted on another family heirloom. What a great combo to create something that expresses the strength of the family past with the present!


  4. I love that you included their house, too. I don't know about other people who live in old houses, but for me, mine is an extension of my personality. I'm always amazed that Paul and I were able to find the perfect duplex for us, like it was just sitting around waiting for us to come along.Kindergarten is so exciting! I know I had a good time.


  5. So cute!! I love it. Family portraits can be so interesting.And commissioned work is the best – to know that someone likes your art and asks you to make them something special for them. I freaked out just a bit when someone asked me to do one and then said I wasn't charging enough and insisted on paying me more. It's such a compliment! I really am enjoying your recent work and I love the silhouette you did with your initials in the header, too! How are your rabbits doing? I miss my lop eared bunny, Penelope, that I had as a child. I also loved the recent photo of your new kitten. So sweet! Sorry I haven't been commenting much, I've been so busy I'm behind in my blogging. 😉 Hope you've had a great summer!Nicki58Cherries


  6. Splendid painting Heather! You did very well with this commision.the family from the picture look… a bit Dutchy to me.Do they have Dutch ancestors by any chance? 🙂


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