Lovely new things!

  Good morning to you!~ I have some very new things to share with you, and I hope you like them! This year I have designed a brand new product– poster calendars! I designed the layout (and created the art, of course) and my printer made them up for me. I am so, so pleased with how they turned out! I created two different types of calendars— first, a 2013 year calendar:

         This calendar shows each month of the year of 2013 and features the painting Ella and Carolyn. Each of the posters measures 13×19″ and can fit in a small poster frame (I’ve found good frames for not much money at Michael’s that fit perfectly) or you could tack them on the wall or secure them to your fridge. Because they’re small for a poster, they can fit in a variety of places and not be cumbersome, you could even hang them in your office!

    Another special calendar idea was this unique Advent calendar! I am really pleased with how it came out. I’ve never seen one like this, so the art and the calendar are my own design. It shows the months of November, December and January and begins with All Saints Day and includes St. Nicholas Day, the Advent Sundays, Christmas and later Epiphany and the following Sundays. 
    The calendar also includes Thanksgiving (American) and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day so it will be a great way to keep track of all your holiday goings-on and celebrations!

    Both calendars are now listed in my etsy shop, and if you’d like both of them, I have a special listing available where you can get both for a discounted price! Come check it out!~

    In knitty news, I finished the little hat I showed you yesterday! It’s slightly wonky, which is ok, since the yarn is an ‘art yarn’ and so it started off with a little wonkyness but I think it’s super cute. I made my first pom pom as well! Audrey modeled it for me on the porch yesterday evening and happy to report it fits nicely!

    One of my favorite winter movies is “A Christmas Story” and I love the long floppy old-fashioned hats the children wear. So that was the inspiration behind this one, plus it looks very elfin and gnome-like 🙂 I think the  pretty multi-pink yarn was perfect for it too!

   Well, off to start the day. Hope you have a good one!~

15 thoughts on “Lovely new things!

  1. oh so lovely knitted hat! and I really love the calenders. should very much have use for one..shall really think about if _I should bye one..the first one, is it so big that you can write small marks on it..things one have to remember???wish you a wonderful day..also thinking of Christmas time now..Love Lycke


  2. I love those calendars, especially the Advent one! It has all of the important dates noted too. Audrey's hat turned out cute and beautiful! I love the different look of the yarn because it's lack of uniformity creates a wonderful finish.


  3. The advent calendar is such a great idea and I love them with your beautiful artwork! Audrey's hair is so long and pretty, she shows that adoreable hat off so well! 🙂


  4. Hi Heather!I'm so happy to be back from my hiatus to see the beautiful pieces you've created. I've perused your posts for the past couple of months and I'm absolutely enthralled. I love the wonky hat, she looks like a little elfin child in it.


  5. The calendars are just fabulous! What an excellent idea – I know they will be a big hit. 🙂 And your hat is too adorable. I love Christmas Story, too. And those hats are pretty fabulous. 🙂 I love the color you selected for the hat – did little miss choose it herself? 🙂


  6. hello again sweet you! yes they do look very much like your headbands and I would also love to knit those of my own. do you have a pattern when you make yours? I would be very interested to have one…still dreaming about you calender..shall think a bit more..maybe I wouldn´t like to write on your beautiful work :)..but..ååh it´s so lovely. and I promise you that I will show more of our autumn over here. right now it is mostly raining though..but it´s still love love Lycke


  7. Your new calendars are gorgeous, and so is your sweet daughter in the brand new hat you made her. She looks like a little forest pixie- I love it!


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