Handmade Dolls~

      I have always loved dolls. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t, or when dolls weren’t just around. I can see now that I come from a long line of doll loving ladies— my Granny has an impressive trove of QVC style ceramic dolls, my other grandma gave me a beloved old china doll that had been her mother’s in the 1910s, and my mom always had country dolls displayed around our house. I knew, early on, that some dolls are for touching and some are for looking.

    It’s probably no surprise then, that I still love dolls and have several around my house. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband who just smiles and says “whatever you want to do,” when I ask him if he minds it. His decorating scheme has changed quite a bit since I got ahold of him 😉 It takes a special guy to live happily in a rather “Miss Havisham meets an Ozark cabin with shades of Marie Antoinette” type home. 


 A few years ago I started trying my hand at making dolls– but the more display-type dolls (the no-touchers, for the little ones!) that you might call ‘art dolls.’ I love making them, but they are time intensive. They are like little art projects in of themselves— hand painted, sewn, stained, coiffed. But I love how they look! Unfortunately, I dont get a lot of time to make dolls, so the ones I do get done are very special! And I’m always pleased to offer them to you, my lovely friends!

   I made these two dolls recently, and used a new technique for their hair that I’m really excited about! Their hair is actual sheep’s wool– raw and natural fibers with awesome color and awesome texture. I used a felting needle (what a beast of a contraption! But so fun to use!) to felt the wool right onto their heads, so it looks so natural and so real. That might be my favorite part of the project now!

   These two lovely dolls are now available in my Etsy shop— and I hope you stop by and take a look! In their hands they carry a dried fennel flower, which I harvested from my garden this summer. They also each have an antique button on their dress, and their skirts are made of beautiful cotton and lace fabric that have been coffee stained to give it an amazing aged look– and it smells pretty good too!

   The blonde is Eleanor and the brunette is Jessamyn. Perhaps one would be perfect for your home?

12 thoughts on “Handmade Dolls~

  1. Jessamyn. I love that name! I've never heard it before. We're both blessed with wonderful husbands who let us decorate to our hearts' content. Your dolls are really lovely! I've made some art dolls myself and I know how much work they are, and how they are for display only. Good luck finding new homes for your ladies!


  2. Heather! I too am a doll lover and I would like to say how beautiful your dolls are . You are right; making dolls and, dare I say, linen hares and mice like I enjoy stitching, are works of art and absorb a lot of the artist's love and attention. Your two creations radiate love. They will go very quickly.Stephanie


  3. These dolls are truly works of art! Beautiful in all of their details as well! I can imagine that they take a lot of time but I love the way you gave them such vintage charm and beauty. These dolls are such a testament to your creativity and talent!


  4. Oh, these are really lovely dolls.The wool felted hair frames the face really prettily. People who like dolls, really like dolls. It strays with us when we grow up and helps shape the kind fo dolls we make.


  5. Wow! They're amazing! I have to admit to having a bit of a chuckle about \”Miss Havisham meets an Ozark cabin with shades of Marie Antoinette.\” Love it. Gotta love husbands who just let us do what we want to do.


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