Savoring Christmas

   Getting out all the Christmas decorations have always been one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Even when I was a kid. I remember my mom would get down the box of ornaments from the attic and I would spend hours carefully unpacking them, sorting them, and finally declaring which one was ‘the prettiest ornament’ in a pageant of santas, bears, angels and other 1980s crafty kitch. The whole idea of rediscovering familiar and happy things is always a thrill, no matter what your age.

   Yesterday my little decorating girl was sad because one of her friends had a case of the sniffles and couldn’t play. So, feeling festive even if a bit early, I offered to get down the Christmas decorations and let her have at it.

   This was the first year I felt like it was safe to let her do the unpacking, and she had a great time, spreading out all the ornaments, sorting them, fawning over them, and finally deciding on where they would go on the tree. I felt like one of my favorite old memories had come to life. And the nice thing is— there was no stress. No money spent or scheduling made. It was just simple holiday fun on a Sunday afternoon.

  That is my goal for this coming holiday season. Simplicity. I have some ideas for some projects we can do, but there will be no stress. There wont be a feeling of rushing madly into exhaustion for the sake of ‘fun and memories.’ The fun and memories will come, but at their own pace. That is my promise to myself!

  So, yes, the tree is up. Before Thanksgiving. But I suppose that means we’ll just have that much more time to enjoy it and to take things slow! I’m not buying into the ‘Holiday Rush’ and I hope you don’t feel like you have to as well! Let’s just have fun, shall we? And a truly happy holiday!


24 thoughts on “Savoring Christmas

  1. Simplicity sounds like heaven! So does \”Old timey.\” 🙂 Our fake tree finally fell apart last year sooo…I'm contemplating a trip through the woods to do it \”the old fashioned way\” this time around. Though I'm with you – I detest the Holiday rush – for some reason I am all about the season this year!! YAY!


  2. I think you can never go wrong with 'simplicity.' and a trip through the woods to find a good tree would be so much fun and what a memory! I think just taking your time and having fun is the best way to enjoy the holiday season~


  3. I think keeping it simple is the hardest thing to do this time of year!! There are so many activities crammed into every minute following the last bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!!! Getting out the ornaments is always special as they are a trip down memory lane. Best of luck with your plans to fully embrace and enjoy this wonderful holiday time of year!!


  4. I'm so excited for the holiday season, especially now that we have a little girl to make memories for. I'm looking forward to future holidays with her and it's nice to see Audrey enjoying dressing the tree!


  5. I love your old-fashioned ornaments! 🙂 Childhood memories of being in our darkened livingroom with only the twinkling tree lights illuminating little treasures hanging from the boughs – like a Christmas fairyland – came to mind when I saw your post!


  6. I know! I'm going to just try to keep in mind what I'm doing it all for– and who. Without the added pressure of shows to do, I hope I'll have a more relaxing December!


  7. Go you with the tree going up before Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving in Canada is in early October so after Halloween it's Christmas madness over here. I say embrace the season, and soak up every last drop of the goodness. I look forward to the Christmas season all year, why not let it last a little longer?


  8. YOU JUST MADE MY WEEK. truly. oh these pictures! Oh the happiness! I'm starting my Christmas deco right after T-Day but yes, we've been listening to Christmas music already.Loved your idea about avoiding the frantic of it all. There doesn't need to be a mad race to accomplish 29 million things. My mother never got that really, and I would watch her work herself into a holiday frenzy of 'perfection'. She would wear herself out so much she couldn't enjoy it and that caused stress for us. I'd rather have a vat of mac n' cheese and have a good time than a perfectly prepared meal with 30 pieces of stemware and silverware that sucks all the energy out of one to create!


  9. Audrey looks so happy there :DTradition here in the UK was once that the tree went up on Christmas Eve for just the 12 days of Christmas, although more recently many people put them up for advent, but mid November I've yet to see. Is that equally unusual where you are or is yours one of many now cheering up homes?


  10. Annie– well, I (and many others) usually wait until after Thanksgiving (which is this coming Thursday) to start decorating for Christmas, but many stores around here have already had the Christmas stuff out for weeks. I'm of the philosophy 'better do it while I'm in the mood' so if the fancy strikes, I usually follow it 😉 But I'm probably the first one with the Christmas tree up in the neighborhood!


  11. That's awesome, Melissa! :Dand yes…what happened to your mom is what I'm trying to avoid, and its a trap we can so easily fall into as wife and mothers. But we've all been in a situation where 'the look' of the event was taking more importance than 'the feeling' and that's exhausting for everyone. I'd rather do simple and happy than exhausting and complex. Let the festivities begin, however we want them to!


  12. It looks really beautiful. I can't wait to get my Christmas tree up too now, I'm feeling Christmassy especially early this year. I'm more than ready to curl up on the sofa with a mince pie surrounded by twinkly lights and just enjoy the moment. 🙂


  13. Wow, you're really early this year with your tree :)I like the idea of \”taking time\” and enjoying the preparations for the festivities. No rush, no stress, just relishing the mood and all that comes pre-Christmas.I'm planning to buy a real tree this year just for the sake of knitted julekuler but my balls are not all ready yet! 6 to go! I'm really looking forward to savouring my Christmas.


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