Tasha Tuesday: Vintage Advent Calendar

    One great thing about sharing your quirky passions with everyone is that soon you find that many are willing to aid and abet your pursuits 😉 That happens with me ever so often when others will point me towards Tasha items they’ve come across and recently— I was given the most lovely piece of Tasha nostalgia– a vintage Tasha Tudor Advent calendar!

    It turns out that the Rector of my church is also a longtime Tasha fan (her corgi even comes with her daily to preside over the church office) and she gave me two beautiful Advent calendars she’s collected through the years— one of which is this gorgeous Tasha Tudor Advent Calendar from when she was a kid!

    I thought you all might enjoy a little look at it— the detail involved is just amazing and it’s a pretty good sized calendar! I think after this season I will have it framed so that it’s protected, although I do love opening all the little hidden doors and seeing what’s inside!

   Tasha was so talented at drawing and painting animals– something I’m trying to get better at! I love her bunnies and squirrels and of course, corgis. I need to paint more of those!

   I hope you enjoy this little look! And many many thanks to Mother Mary Ann for her generosity! What a beautiful gift~


15 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Vintage Advent Calendar

  1. oh, Heather, what a beautiful Tasha treasure, I love it! Not many people here know who Tasha Tudor is and so it isn't often that I could come upon an early piece of Tasha's beautiful work~ however, this past weekend, I met a woman who is selling some of her Tasha Tudor books and will be able to purchase some from her soon!I love your gift from Mother Mary Ann~you are a lucky girl!!love, Christine


  2. What a wonderful vintage calendar with beautiful drawings that only Tasha could do! Just so intricate and sweet!! I read somewhere that Tasha drew new calendars every year for Advent. Her children were so lucky to have that to look forward to each year.


  3. oh, me too, Heather! She says they are older books which she has doubles of, so hopefully they are some that I don't have yet!I do love your advent calender, I think it's the prettiest one of hers that I've ever seen~


  4. Ooooh, this Advent calendar is breathtaking Heather! What a generous gift from your rector! I love each and every detail. Okay, now you've got me wanting to start collecting some Tasha Tudor illustrations/books, too. You will treasure this always, I'm sure. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


  5. Oh my goodness. I love it! I always had an advent calendar as a kid and I actually have a new one (I think it's German churches or something like that) in the Christmas decorations, which we still haven't brought up from the basement. Hopefully we'll work in some decorating this weekend!


  6. That is just beautiful! I love advent calendars, and a Tasha Tudor one would be doubly lovely. Such a shame you have to frame it, but agree that it's best to keep it protected. I'd have such fun looking in all those little doors to. :)Kitty (The Hockman Girl)http://hockmangirl.blogspot.com


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