Back from Sweden (In Kansas)

        You know you’ve found someone who really loves you when they’ll indulge you in your quirky passions. Or drive you 4 hours across the state line so that you can bask in the glow of all things Swedish Christmas. I am happy to report I have that kind of love!

    I saw all the pretty things I’d longed to— Tomtes! Julbocks! Straw ornaments! Lucias! Lots of Lucias! Now I’m back home, trying to sort out my disaster of house (how does it get so dirty when we’re not even home?) and catching up on orders. It’s only fitting that so many of my Lucias were purchased when I was at the Lucia Fest!

   While there we had a lesson on how to make Lucia Buns, but the real love I developed was for Kringlers— so much so that last night I made a batch myself, and they turned out pretty darn good! They are like fluffy pastries with a custard top covered in a simple icing and almonds. The whole thing is almond flavored and pretty dreamy when pared with a cup of hot coffee.

   I did take a ton of photos— which I will be sharing with you all on Thursday for the St. Lucia Blog Procession! Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part, and I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with. For more info, check HERE.

   Well, a very merry December to you. I hope things are nice calm, merry and bright. I know it is so easy to feel like we have to gallop through these days until Christmas….I’m trying to reign myself in and enjoy. It’s HARD. But worth it.

God Jul!~

11 thoughts on “Back from Sweden (In Kansas)

  1. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————+Heather- You will have to share that recipe! It does look awesome. So glad you had a wonderful weekend and cannot wait to see all of the other photos and hear about what you saw.


  2. Welcome back Heather! I can't wait to hear more about your Swedish excursion at your blog procession Thursday. I thought of you yesterday, as I found a Lucia braided bread type of recipe in one of my cookbooks. Your Kringlers sound much better, though. So happy to hear you enjoyed your visit!


  3. Thanks, Susan! Yes, the kringlers are so good. I had some proper St. Lucia buns there but the kringlers….sorry, Lucia. Haha!I'm so looking forward to the blog procession! It will be so fun!~


  4. Oh my goodness those Kringlers look and sound delicious … thank you so much for the recipe … it an an absolute must try!I can imagine you like a child on Christmas morning soaking up all things festive and Scandi!


  5. Oooo – that pastry looks like one we always get when we go to Solvang (a Danish village here in CA). I was about to say how jealous I was of you for getting to bring it home – then read that you not only MADE it, but posted the RECIPE – bless you! 🙂


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