Tasha Tuesday: Becky’s Christmas

    If there was ever a Christmas balm for the heart, a pretty and old fashioned story to nestle into and loose yourself in, It’s Tasha Tudor’s book “Becky’s Christmas.”
   Becky’s Christmas is featured in the Tasha Tudor Christmas-themed special “Take Peace”, and since hearing the excerpts and seeing the pictures there, I’ve wanted a copy of the book. The only problem was, it’s out of print and costs a pretty penny. However, some times you can find reasonably priced used copies on Amazon, and that is finally what happened ($15!) It’s a Christmas miracle!

     “Becky’s Christmas” follows a little girl named Becky as she prepares for Christmas– secretly making presents for her family, going out to the snowy forest to collect greenery for decorating the old farm house, making a creche in the fire place, baking cookies with her family, and the general anticipation of the holiday in a very sweet and simplistic way.

   You know Becky’s never been to Toys ‘R Us or the mall. And you love her for it.

   This story is of a pretty good length, just shy of being a chapter book. There’s a lot of text and a lot of detail in the story, which I love, but which might also be a little long for young readers. For a little one like mine, who is a kindergartener, it might be a story you’d want to break up to read for two or three nights. But for an older child, who is mastering longer stories, I think this will be a real treasure. I know I would have loved it when I was about 8 or 9.

   “Becky’s Christmas” is, quite simply, some of Tasha’s finest work. The story is rich in detail and simple excitement. There’s not a lot of gushing or fluff, but it’s easy to feel Becky’s anticipation, her excitement at mastering new things so she can create gifts for her family, her joy in being part of her family and the simple happiness of the holiday.
   If you are in search of simple ways to celebrate Christmas, I think this book would be a wonderful addition to your evening reading! Definitely a book to cherish and come back to year after year~

A happy Tasha Tuesday to you~

28 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Becky’s Christmas

  1. Very well said Heather. I didn't read or watch or listen to any of the news coverage this weekend. I just can't bear to. I know how many died, I know how, and I know where. That's really all I need (or want) to know. My husband and I didn't discuss it, and I certainly didn't talk about it with my 8 year old son. My heart was a little \”wobbly\” this morning too, and it was reassuring to see a patrol car outside the school and a police officer inside chatting with the kids in the hall.


  2. Well said, Heather. I have such a heavy heart, but I'm trying to dwell on the positives that I hope will come out of this. Last night, two police officers were killed in Topeka where several friends of mine live. It appears that the suspect then took his own life. So much pain everywhere I look right now. This is going to be a very difficult Christmas for so many families.


  3. My heart is \”wobbly\” too… whether I am dropping my loves off at school, or taking them to the movie theater… or taking them to do some Christmas shopping. They're a bit older now, (13 and 16) but a mama never stops wearing her heart on the outside of her body. I take comfort in the fact that there is much more good than bad, and that love conquers all.


  4. Last night's interfaith prayer vigil shown on TV was beautiful. It gave me a sense of peace and allowed me to feel part of the national outreach of love and grief for this unspeakable violence against so many innocents!


  5. That was lovely Heather 🙂 ~ I walked Julia into school today instead of dropping her off to the parking lot teachers like I usually do, just because I wanted a couple more minutes of time to spend with her this morning. Very wobbly indeed over here as well :)xoxoxoxo


  6. What a beautiful post Heather! Like you, I've been hugging & kissing my babies almost non-stop since Friday. It felt uneasy to bring them to school. Your words ring so true, in that we must mourn for these families and yet defy this evil by holding onto all that is good and hopeful. I think you would like our priest's blog post on that:www.shepherdspost.blogspot.com/2012/12/how-can-you-say-to-my-soul-rejoice.htmlHe stood at the pulpit yesterday and said \”evil does not have the last word\”. I know this Christmas seems all the more precious to me, as to so many others. Have a beautiful Christmas, Heather. It's been so wonderful getting to know you this year.- Susan


  7. Thanks so much for this link, Susan! I think words of comfort and direction are so important right now. I encourage anyone and everyone to take a peek at the link! ❤ Let's go hug all our babies!


  8. Heather, so nice to sit down and look through your blog and marvel at all the magickal posts. I have been so busy and occupied the past weeks and it´s truly SO wonderful to finally relax and enter your enchanted little world. Soon I´m going to write about my experiences on Tasha and send to you!


  9. Something I felt so necessary to always say when I was discussing this event with people is to not lose hope. There are things worth fighting for. There is so much GOOD to fight for. Bad things happen and are devastating. All we can do is bring our light in the world. So many light bearers, especially in the art world, especially you Heather! Thank you for your sweet and uplifting posts. It is so sad that parents have to feel apprehensive sending their children off to school this week. It certainly was not any other Monday morning.


  10. Why do they take the loveliest things out of print!? Thank you for sharing this story and the pictures! Seems like something I would have loved as a little girl as well. And now of course 🙂


  11. This is one story that I never read but I think I need too! Tasha's Christmas drawings fill me with calm as they came from a time when the pace of Christmas was not rushed and over powered by commercial interests like shopping craze and buying just to be buying. Thanks for sharing!


  12. My library had it and I got it and I read it and I loved it and I want to own it and….I didn't read it to Julia simply because it is SO SPECIAL that I didn't want to waste it before she's ready for it, I wanted her to be able to appreciate this one. I think I'm going to see if I can get lucky like you did and scoop this one up and read it with her next year. WHY has such a treasure not been reprinted? It is lovely lovely lovely. 🙂


  13. Heather, this post made me cry. Thank you for writing this. I am trying not to dwell on this event – the news here is saturated with it, since it happened where I live. Well, you can only imagine the heavy news coverage and seeing all those precious faces on the television and newspapers. There was a wonderful quote from Mr. Rogers that has been floating about since this tragedy… “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, \”Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” And I am inspired by all the GOOD that is springing forth…it is indeed important to remember the good.


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