We are in the lazy afterglow of Christmas now. All seems to be quiet, the busy last minute rush of shipping out orders has passed. No getting up for school. Just laying lazy in the middle of the bed working on knitting with a pup and a girl watching cartoons. It’s nice to indulge ever so often 🙂

   With the help of some Christmas money and a good sale at Loops, I have been knitting like a little busy bee. I completed my first set of mittens for Audrey and a matching hat (I’m very proud of the pom pom!) and I’m working on a pair of salmony pink mittens for myself. For someone who has such a love of red, I’m really getting into the coral colors lately. Hopefully that bodes well for spring-themed paintings!

   It’s so hard to believe that 2013 is just around the corner! The year has really gone by so fast (except for that lull of the never ending hot as you-know-what summer) and I know in no time the daffodils will be popping up. Before then though, I hope we get a proper snow. And I hope that this two year drought lets up. And I hope to get lots of lovely knitting done, and good times spent with family and pups.


11 thoughts on “Afterglow

  1. Heather,I enjoy reading your posts. You have such a knack for setting the mood with your words. Glad to have become friends, not just neighbors. When it is not so bitter cold we will have to take up walking again. I wish you good tidings in the new year!Darla


  2. Audrey's new hat and mittens turned out so cute! What a fabulous set for your bitter cold weather at hand. Ahh, slow time. I too am relishing my week off from work and getting some knitting done along with other things that have been waiting for attention! Great yarn is just inspiration! It begs to be worked up into something that delights. Who would ever guess it would have such charm and power?? You have to share your new mittens when they are done.


  3. LOVE THE HAT!!!!!!!!! and is that HELLO KITTY I spy?? Do you know about my Hello Kitty fanaticism?? I have a theory. I think time goes by faster when you blog. I'm now so used to being so aware of the days and how many days in which I have time to plan posts and whatnot and which weeks will be featuring which books etc etc — I swear it makes time go by even faster. Crazy.


  4. Thank you, Winnie! I know…I love new beautiful yarn. I've loved this yarn for a long while but never justified buying it. But once the whole store went on sale, lol, I couldn't stop myself! I will definitely show the new mittens when they're done!


  5. Yep, that is Hello Kitty! My lil miss is obsessssed with Hello Kitty! She's got clothes, toys, shoes, ornaments, giant stuffed ones….you can't swing a hello kitty in this house without hitting a hello kitty, ha!


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