A New England Family Portrait

    I recently completed a family portrait for my wonderful friend Alyson, who lives in a beautiful and historical village in New England. (You can see more of her adventures and gorgeous photography at her blog, New England Living)
   I had painted a portrait for her a few years ago, but now that her children are a little older and they live in a new home, we thought it was time to do a new one– and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!
   Since Alyson is a fellow lover of Halloween (just ask her how many days it is until Halloween, she’ll know!) and autumn, I did the painting in a rich New England Autumn style, but kept in mind the lovely shades of green and cream and bits of blue she uses in her home decor. 
   She wanted an old fashioned look, but I decided to go a little gentle on the early 19th century costuming we decided on so that her kids would like how they looked, especially when they had their friends over and an old timey portrait of them was hanging on the wall, lol.

    This portrait is a good sized piece– measuring 20×20″ and so I was able to get lots of special details in– like the black birds Alyson loves, a ghost in the old grave yards, and even pumpkins on the porch. I’ve heard that everyone in the family seems to like it— and that’s always my biggest goal!

   This time of year is always a good time for commissions since my craft shows usually fall in the Autumn and Winter. So if you’re ever interested in having a special piece done (from family portraits to wedding to portraits to children’s portraits, you name it) feel free to contact me! You can find more info about pricing and sizes on my commissions page here on the blog.

  I’m actually finishing up another commission now that I will be sending on its way soon. Lots of things going on here at Audrey Eclectic this winter! I’m glad to have you along!

Have a wonderful weekend,

10 thoughts on “A New England Family Portrait

  1. Wow, this is incredible! The New England fall background is glorious with the colors and all of the details. What a family heirloom, It looks perfect in their home too. Alyson had a stroke of genius getting the family portrait completed to include her love of Halloween and fall. So cool!


  2. what a beautiful portrait! I am sick again. don´t know what it is with this winter. ace in all my body and my stomack is bad. mostly laying down at the weekend , reading, thinking of how healthy I will be when well again.but yes, wouldn´t it be wonderful to see eacother some day. thinking maybe not this winte when so much sockness and restoration of our home, but maybe next winter. now just longing for summer here…usually so well then..not like this. but I can read many god books..mmm..love Lycke


  3. This has got to be my favourite painting of yours EVER. It is so filled with New England charm I am absolutely charmed! The moon and the autumn leaves… SIGH! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


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