A Herd of Dala Horses

  I’ve had Dala Horses on the brain for a while now, and I’m happy to report that I just finished up the last design that I’m hoping to make into a post card set, and perhaps also do as prints. What do you think?
  I love the simple shape of the horses and how many ways you can paint them. Dala horses are a quintessential symbol of Sweden– inspired by the simple toys carved for children in homes in during the long and frigid winters of years long passed, Dala Horses are at once simple, folky, and deeply meaningful to the people of Sweden.

   The last image shown here says “Tack så mycket”, which translates to ‘thanks so much.’ I’m thinking of doing other little greetings perhaps for a print. It would make a sweet wedding gift too, I think!

   I’m finishing one last painting for another post card set (the Jane Austen one!) and then I plan on putting in a big order of post cards! If I did a preorder for these like I did with the Christmas cards, would you all be interested in that? Let me know!

  Back to work!~

9 thoughts on “A Herd of Dala Horses

  1. Charming! I can't decide which one I love the most… And thank you for your comment and for the encouraging words about finding me time. You're a momma too, right? Are your kiddos older? Any secrets to staying crafty and artsy after motherhood?


  2. To your questions, Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!! Oh Heather, I love this set of Dala Horses! Ever since I bought my own little Dala horse in Sweden back in 1973, I too have been in love with them. Prints and card sets would be great and I will be one of the firsts to put my order in! All of the horses are so wonderful in their colors and flowers. I agree that the two horses could be a cute wedding gift too as a print or a card if you change the greeting. These are just wonderful and I am so excited!


  3. They would make lovely thank-you notes. They're all lovely, but I think the blue and white one is my favorite. Must be related to my love of blue and white china.


  4. I love the blue, and I would order either as a post card or a notecard for next Christmas! I know photocards are all the rage, and they do serve their purpose for keeping track of people and their kids, but I love getting REAL CARDS, not just a wall of photocards!


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