It all began with dishes….

   Earlier in the winter, we were lucky enough to inherit some things from my husband’s grandmother. She decided to give away several family heirlooms she was keeping, and received some vintage crystal glasses as well as this amazing set of china, featuring roses and poppies, my favorite flowers!
   Will’s grandma shared with me that she had bought this set of beautiful plates, tea cups, and serving pieces for her mother with her first paycheck when she became a teacher. I’m thinking that probably dates them back to the mid to late 1930s. They are so sweet and so lovely!
   The only problem, as I unpacked each little piece, was that I have no place to display them or even a cabinet to store them. This house is just so little and after 8 years of acquiring things and storing things, we are just plain out of space. So they went back into the newspaper and box they came in. But that’s not the end of it.
   “What these need is a nice hutch. And a dining room. Which would mean another house entirely,” I said to myself.

  And you know what? That seems to be about to come true!

   In what feels like a miracle, so many things have happened and fallen into place to make it possible for us to move. And we’ve already found a house we love, had our offer accepted, and as of yesterday, it stood up to inspection (rather well, actually!) and so our closing date is set. This opportunity has come from the help of lots of people– from the neighbors who asked to buy our house (that in itself is a miracle!!) to being able to get our financing together quickly and have our dream of having an old house become a reality. Even though I tried to not get my hopes up and heart set, it seems to really be coming true. So stay tuned! Big changes ahead!

And of course, thanks to you too– for your support, kind words, and purchasing of my art! You have made this possible as well! 😀


PS: the giveaway for the Jane Austen postcard set ends at the end of the day today! Don’t forget to enter!

16 thoughts on “It all began with dishes….

  1. Love that you finally get your old house!! You will love it! After having lived in two old homes, I could never go back to new. Congratulations!And I love those dishes as well. They will look stunning in your new dining room!


  2. Wow! That's great news Heather! It seems that fate and serendipity have been at play here. I can't wait to hear more about your 'new' old house. Guess you may find room for this pretty china after all. Congratulations!!


  3. What a beautiful heirloom gift!! The pattern is so bright and classic mixed together. I love the story of how they came about too. At a time when most people were reeling from the Great Depression, such a gift must have have been so unexpected. The set will be so perfect in your soon to be new home! Congratulations !!


  4. Omg! That's awesome! It's my dream to have a historical house some day and reading your blog has inspired and given me hope! I love it when things come together so magically that you just can't explain it other than luck or divine fate. Can't wait to see pictures of the new/old house!


  5. Hello dearest you! What absolutely wonderful news!!! I remember you talked about your house being too small, and I love to see your rooms, your furniture and other things, your art! and all that being in that old house you wish for will be amazing indeed. All luck to you in this business ***The china is absolutely wonderful love Lycke


  6. YAY!!! That is SO awesome Heather!! I can't wait to see this beautiful china in your new dining room. =] If you don't mind me asking, what area is your new home going to be in? Just wondering if it will be closer to me. I'm east of Tulsa, out past Catoosa.Hope all goes well till the end. As my husband said when we bought our home… I'm not getting excited till I have the key in hand, lol!


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