Inspiring Fairy Tale Art

   Some of the first artwork that I ever fell in love with was fairy tale art. I still have a book of fairy tales that I loved so much as a kid that I….colored all over it. In the most reverent way possible, of course 😉 I had a habit of coloring on nice things as a kid. But I digress….

   There is something so captivating about fairy tale art, isn’t there? I think it’s because it’s where we learn to read art as a story when we’re children. We see the action, the emotion, the life going on in a still image that is so full of color and detail. I know for me it made such a big impression. So big that I am still pursuing the ‘story in the picture’ concept in my day-to-day life.

   As a lover of folk art in particular, I love the Eastern European fairy tale artwork especially. I found a Polish fairy tale book at the library and got this Russian lacquer fairy tale book on eBay after Melissa raved about it on her blog the other day (it’s out of print, but there are several really inexpensive copies on eBay! I got mine within days as well.)

  There is so much pattern in movement in both types of illustrations. I love the illustrations in the Polish story book for it’s sort of childlike quality of illustration, it is fun and whimsical, and has a great color palette. And I’ve always had a huge love for Russian Lacquer, which often features fairy tale subjects. I have been obsessed with Russia in various ways since I was a kid (yes, I get obsessed about other countries, don’t I? I considered taking Russian in college, but went with French instead. At least I already knew that alphabet!) But I love the gorgeous figures, the amazing detail, and the rich color. You may may not know this, but I begin all of my paintings with a black background and then put the color on top of it. I like the dark undertone it gives, which is similar to the lacquer look in some ways.

  Well, I’m off to work on some commissioned pieces, but wanted to let you know that I’ve ordered prints of Picking Dinner and Bedtime Story. I should have them by next week! So stay tuned if you’d like one!~

  Have a great weekend!~

8 thoughts on “Inspiring Fairy Tale Art

  1. Fascinating photos with rich details and colors. So different in style from what I remember of fairy tale illustrations. With those onion spired buildings, Russian art has always seemed so mysterious to me. With its northern latitudes and long snowy winters, the vibrant colors used in dress are so striking to the frigid backdrops. Interesting note, I strongly considered taking Russian in college too because I had a student job in the language lab. The alphabet was intriguing and I was drawn to learning more about the people whom the US was in a Cold War with. But alas, there was not time or money to pursue classes just because it struck my fancy!


  2. I agree…I'm a lover of fairy tales, fairy tale books and Russian lacquer. When my daughter was little, I started a matroyshka collection for her. She wasn't really interested, so I took them over. She's 22 now and I've noticed that she's started eyeing MY collection (ha). I imagine I'll hand them over to her when she asks.


  3. I can't tell you how happy this makes me!!! SO HAPPY! Oh this book really wound up in the right hands. Hope you have a lovely time reading the stories and being inspired by the art. Sweet Heather, I just love that you got this one! xo


  4. I've been fascinated by fairy tales and fairy tale art work for a while and I love Eastern Europe's versions of Hans My Hedgehog which I believe is in one of the Pic's. Something about a Hedgehog knight riding a rooster makes me smile.


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