On the Move….

   Well, we’re loading up the truck to move to Beverley….well, almost 🙂

   Things are going to be a little quiet around here as we finish up packing and start scheming our move. If all goes according to plan, in a week we should have the keys to a 1916 bungalow in our little hands.

   So excited is an understatement!

  Til then, we’ve got Kindergarten graduation, the last day of school….all sorts of stuff going on! I cant wait to be on the other end of this move and get to painting again!~! I’m sure I’ll be loading some things up on the instagram if you want to peek in! See the sidebar to click on any of the pics….

   Have a great week!~

10 thoughts on “On the Move….

  1. Hahahahahaha!! I love this photo of your new move!It conveys that prairie spirit to the max. It will be great when you start posting photos on the instagram of the settling in at the new home!!


  2. I cant wait to start settling in! I cant wait for questions like \”how do you get a washer and dryer and fridge into a house only accessed by stairs?\” settled and done with 🙂 and cant wait to start getting organized and my studio set up!!


  3. wow, plenty has been going on at your end :)hope you are all ok and enjoying your life-changing move into a new housei bet it will be lovely there. keep us posted. we look forward to seeing the first photos of your place 🙂


  4. Good Luck!! And Can't wait to see some pictures of your new house:)P.S.- And Thank you for your letter!!!!! I'm going to send you another letter on this weekend.


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