a surprise Tasha Tuesday

    I suppose we can consider this a surprise Tasha Tuesday since it does happen to be Tuesday, and Tasha has been on my mind 🙂 Specifically her move to Vermont. It has been pointed out to me by several people now that we’ve gotten to the new house that boy I have a lot of stuff. Yeah. I do! Although really, didn’t I move a home and a business all at once? Let’s go with that.
   I imagine that if there was one person who moved with a bit more stuff than I, it was probably Tasha Tudor! I mean, think of the sheer amount of antiques and bits and bobs she owned. Her beautiful house had a feeling of a little mouse’s home, so packed with stuff— interesting stuff, of course– but still things that had to be boxed and shuffled and found a place for.

   This weekend I spent more time really trying to get the art room/office straightened out and also working in the yard. We’ve got a beautiful stone garden out back, but it needed some clearing out and bless his heart, my husband mowed down a ton of it while I took a nap the other day. So this weekend I finally planted a few veggies and herbs, and I’m still shuffling flowers around. We had a fence put up as well which has left an area perfect for a little shady patch garden, but I need to figure out how to fill it. Any suggestions for a nice shade garden?

   I’m going to start painting soon as well. I think it’s time to start delving into Halloween and then on to Christmas. It’s only a little more than 6 months away!!

   Hope you’ve been well and enjoying the start of your summer. Can’t believe we’re just days away from June!
    Talk with you later,

10 thoughts on “a surprise Tasha Tuesday

  1. I like her dollhouse:) We have a shade garden under an apple and pear tree where I plant shade loving annuals for some colour. The permanent residents are ferns, hostas and bleeding hearts which seem to just love it there.


  2. Our shade garden contains ferns, hostas, lily-of-the-valley, sweet woodruff, bleeding heart, jack-in-the-pulpit, just to name a few. No matter what sort of plant material you put in, I am certain that it shall be perfect!Happy digging…Judy


  3. Yay, Tasha Tuesday! I was just looking at her garden in the book the other day and admiring her beautiful flowers. She most likely did have lots of stuff as she was an avid sewer, knitter, linen weaver, cook, and talented artist! It sounds like your gardens are shaping up and I bet it is great fun to see the yard taking shape into new ideas. I am totally onboard with your idea of Halloween and Christmas projects! YES! 6 months is not a long way off considering you have the big art show the end of September?? Maybe you should plant some pumpkins in the back yard in an area where they can spread out. They would be cool all stacked on your new front porch come the end of September!


  4. I did buy a little pumpkin vine the other day and planted it! We'll see how it goes…I dont ever have luck with squash type things, but maybe a new yard and new location will improve my luck? 😀


  5. WhooHoo!! Let the Pumpkin Patch launch. If it does work, think of all the fresh pumpkin you can cook and use in wonderful recipes. Wouldn't it be cool to make your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie from the meat of your own pumpkins? Maybe it will inspire a painting if it grows as hoped. Have you ever done a Thanksgiving painting? Maybe there could a sequel to the spring one of the mother and children in the garden you recently finished? And speaking of pumpkin, as of June 1, we are only about 3 months or less until Pumpkin Spice coffee makes it to the shelves for Fall=D!!!


  6. I'm so excited about your move! Your new place sounds PERFECT for you, and I can't wait to see more photos as it all unfolds. Good luck unpacking and settling in! That's the fun part, in my opinion. It makes all the heavy lifting and scrambling around worth it when you see your new home coming together.


  7. No one quite understands that old fashioned tendency to keep things. All these modern folks and their minimalism PFFFT! NO WAY!!! Treasures are treasures and it's ok to keep and display them, I must keep reminding myself this as my walls and shelves keep filling up. Thank you for sharing some about Tasha's tendency to collect as well. Love inspiration from the loveliest of artistic ladies, you and Tasha Tudor!


  8. I tell you, I don't even want to think about if we ever move! There are some things that are precious – but there are other things that I am sure we have where I'd think \”WHY do I own this?\” 🙂 I love stumbling upon something in the house that is really meaningful – like the doll my late grandfather brought home from China to gift to my mom as a child. And she gave it to me. It is still in such great condition and the glass case it's in hasn't even cracked!


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