A Morning Garden Walk

    Firstly– thank you all for your congrats! You’re so sweet! And we’re so excited to embark on so many new things, now and in the coming months. Also very glad to be living somewhere where we have enough room to expand our family– in both the critter and human varieties!

    Another great new thing in our house is the new camera I just got– I have been asked to photograph the weddings of two friends later this year, and felt like I should step up my camera game. There will also be lots of baby photographing in my future, and now I’m ready!

   I took the camera outside this morning and took some pictures around the yard. This is it, this is the new place! I put the bunting up for Memorial Day and I love how festive it looks, might as well leave it up til July 4th, right? 

   I’m also loving all the new gardening! I have found myself to be the proud owner of many gorgeous plants like a huge Oakleaf Hydrangea and lots of roses– and I’ve been buying other hydrangeas until I finally had to reign myself in (seriously, though– this time of year many nurseries have half killed their hydrangeas by putting them out on racks in the baking sun…it’s the perfect time to swoop in and get them on sale!)

   One thing I love about our backyard too is the old rock flower bed and this cute little rock garden shed with a huge climbing rose growing up the side. It was such a pleasant surprise to come to the house after we closed and find that gorgeous thing in the yard!

   We also cleared out the rock flower beds and planted some herbs and vegetables, and there’s also this large mysterious contraption that I think is probably an old rock smoker built into it. My dream come true would be to turn it into a woodfire pizza oven….wouldn’t that be amazing?!? But that’s a project for another time, I’m sure.

   Well, I’ve still been up to my eyeballs in cleaning and unpacking, so not much going on on the painting front– although that will soon change! In a bit Audrey and I are going to walk the couple of blocks down town and go cruise the antique mall, it may be dangerous for us to live so close! So far, we’re really enjoying living in town in the midst of everything. It’s our hope that living down here will make us feel more a part of the community and more involved in the things that go on in our little town. My family has lived here since before statehood! Some on this very same street! It’s a wonderful connection, and one I’d like to see grow.

   Thanks for your visit today! And come back soon, I’m going to have a special treat in my next post!~

8 thoughts on “A Morning Garden Walk

  1. I love these photos of your new homestead complete with old and new gardens!. These is something so neat and almost mysterious about having existing buildings on the property to use and develop. It also quite fascinating that you are now living where your family set down roots generations ago. That is indeed special to be able to continue the same tradition!


  2. I am so happy for you and your family, Heather! Plus your new home looks wonderful. It would be very dangerous for me to live within walking distance to an antiques mall. I have a major life goal of living in a walkable neighborhood again and being part of a community. It's wonderful you are able to do that. xx


  3. I love it!!! And that little shed is gorgeous! One of the best things about historical homes are the plants that come with, already blooming and mature and many times as old as the house!


  4. Loving your new house, Heather! It is so unique and so you! Can't wait to visit again after all your decorating is done. Experiencing major flower envy now.


  5. Everything looks SO beautiful, Heather! 🙂 And all those pretty blossoms! 🙂 Our hydrangeas haven't bloomed yet. It's very cool that you have an antique mall nearby! Bet you'll find some amazing goodies there. And how wonderful that you live on a street filled with such family history!!! It's truly fitting that you have set up our new home there!!!


  6. Heather I am so happy for you and your family!!! The house!!! And the garden!!! Its beautiful! Congrats to you!!!!!! And even more….congrats on the little one!!!!!


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