Time to Paint

    After a morning of cleaning floors, I am now treating myself to some painting time. I like looking out the window as the birdies devour the dried sunflowers in the rock garden and there are two snoring pups under the table.
   Autumn is still taking its sweet time— in the 90s today and tomorrow too. That’s just not fair.

  Things are pretty quiet around here. Working on a last autumn painting and also a commission, and then, Im sure, it will be time…to think of Christmas art?! I’ll have to seriously turn up the Bing Crosby if I’m going to forget its still steaming outside!

  We do have a new member in our extended family— my brother brought home a white German Shepherd puppy and he’s pretty sweet. He’s so fluffy he feels like he’s made out of quilt batting. He’s having to learn that “we do not eat the cat or our bunnies.” Better to learn it now while they can get their bluff in!

  Well, time to pull up to my desk and work away on things while the girl is at school.
Hope to have some pretties to share soon!~

3 thoughts on “Time to Paint

  1. Hmmmm, would that be some late fall mini paintings in process? There is something so perfect about their size when mixed in a bowl with potpourri and other prim additions. The new pup arrival has such a sweet fluffy face. I am sure the kitty and rabbits would use different descriptors!! Still hot and humid down here plus we miss all of the rain showers so we are dry as a bone again! Tonight is the Harvest Moon and Sunday is the Fall Equinox so can some of us just get a break from Summer?? PLeeze!!!!!


  2. Oh man, Christmas already. I've been seeing commercials for Christmas layaway already, and it just kills me. But it's supposed to be around 80 tomorrow here as well, so I get what you mean about the heat.


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