Deerfield Dream Homes

   Hello, and welcome to my dream home! Isn’t it just perfection? I found this pretty place in the dreamland that is Deerfield, Massachusetts. My heart’s all a-flutter just thinking about it! The beautiful colors, the red barn, the lazy cats napping on the porch….it was perfection!

   We got to Historic Deerfield in the early evening, so that most of the houses open to tours had already shut down for the day. That didn’t stop us from rambling down the gorgeous tree-lined street filled with antique homes though, the sidewalks all brightened by piles of newly fallen autumn leaves.
   It didn’t take much to imagine people from decades long past peeking out windows or coming out of doorways— house after house was just beautiful and so lovingly restored. It made me so happy to see this beautiful place and imagine how it must be to live within such old walls that had seen so many lives and stories unfold before I meandered by.

I also had good company for my little stroll through this beautiful town! Not only was Alyson and Emily with me, but our friend Patricia came out from Albany to spend the day with us! Deerfield was just a small piece of our adventures that day, and I’ll tell you more about those soon 🙂

  Til then, I leave you with this beautiful colonial eye candy! Which house is your favorite?

16 thoughts on “Deerfield Dream Homes

  1. Oh the colonial houses always get me with all the windows in the front! Why don't they make houses like this anymore? I fail to see the appeal in these mass produced, made on the cheap homes in subdivisions when so many of THESE beauties actually exist to live in in so many parts of the country. I have to say the yellow one takes my fancy. Though I'd die to live in a big white colonial.


  2. Oh my goodness, Heather, this must have been the perfect trip for you! How much are you daydreaming about packing your belongings/family and leaving us Okies behind now that you're home? 😉


  3. Be still, my heart! I have got to go someday (soon!). The brown house with the golden pumpkins is so cute! Thank you for posting the link, I enjoyed perusing all the fun events they have. Fall + New England = Heaven!


  4. How could I possibly pick a favorite? Probably the second or third house, though. I've been to Massachusetts but didn't make it out to Deerfield. I'll have to remember it when I get up that way again.


  5. Oh, these are WONDERFUL, Heather!! :-DThe old siding, so thin and worn, and the windows with no shutters are LOVELY to me!! I could never pick a favorite! I'm so glad you had such a great trip!! Thanks for sharing these!!! 🙂


  6. We visited Deerfield a number of years ago and LOVED IT!! Took the tour into some of the homes and it was great – beautiful interiors and very informative. This only makes me want to return – and soon. Thanks for sharing.


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