Tasha Tuesday: The Tasha Tudor Museum

 Good morning, my friends! Since it is autumn now I thought there was no better season to bring back Tasha Tuesday here on my blog!
   And for those of you who love Tasha as much as I do, I have a very special treat– photos from the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, VT!
   I was so thrilled to be able to visit the museum during my New England trip,and it was made even more special by getting to visit with friends.
  We drove to Brattleboro from New Hampshire on a picture perfect autumn day– the scenery was breath-taking! And arrived at the museum in the mid morning.
   The Tasha Tudor Museum in housed in a handsome brick building in the main part of downtown Brattleboro and is surrounded by beautiful trees and homes.
   The museum itself is small and snug as the family searches for a more large and permanent location, but it is packed with Tasha Tudor jewels!

  The current exhibit (which only lasts through the end of the month before the museum closes for the winter!) was all about the world of Tasha’s dolls, and included original art, examples of her beloved ‘Sparrow Post’, dolls and handmade doll clothes, all fashioned by Tasha herself.

   There was also a large collection of books by Tasha that you could look through and enjoy, some of the titles I hadn’t even heard of! I was especially excited to see an illustrated copy of Little Women, it was just beautiful. And I’d been to Orchard House just a few days before! So many beautiful books, its amazing all the projects that Tasha did!

   There were also several displays of tools that Tasha used for her fiber works– such as her spinning wheel and flax, and also one of her looms. That loom was huge, obviously weaving is not just a commitment of time, but space too! To be able to see the whole contraption and all the little pieces that went into making a piece of cloth was impressive. And to think Tasha taught herself how to do it herself— Tasha’s talent and determination were not just confined to art, for sure!

    The little striped piece of cloth on the right was especially touching to see— it was the last bit of cloth that Tasha was working on before her death. And for a total Tasha geek like myself, it was just a pleasure to be able to see and touch so many of the things that Tasha worked on, and pieces that were part of her life and work.

    There was also a nice gift shop section of the museum, and you better believe that I loaded up on Tasha goodies— from an Advent Calendar to note cards to cookie cutters to a copy of  A Time To Keep that I brought home to share with Audrey.

   I was just so thrilled to be there— as Emily, Alyson and Patricia can attest too! I’m sure I was grinning like a fool. Being able to visit this little place was definitely a highlight of the trip. Not only was able to see Tasha’s Vermont, but was able to peek in at a bit of her life and work. It was truly a wonderful day!~

   Hope you enjoyed this little visit to the museum!~
Happy Tasha Tuesday!~

22 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: The Tasha Tudor Museum

  1. The Sparrow Post items are just amazing- love them! I'm really looking forward to the day when they are in their permanent space. You'll have to come back so we can take the spinning classes they'll offer. 😉


  2. Thanks so much for a virtual trip inside the Tasha Museum. I can only imagine the homestead is beautiful and just like one would imagine it to be. It was especially interesting to see the originals in all of her exhibits. I bet it was fabulous for you as artist to be among the dwelling of another artist!!


  3. What a wonderful place that is!!!And A Time To Keep is one of my all-time FAVORITE books, not just of hers!!! 😀 The celebrations depicted, the illustrations, that way of life…..it's one of the few children's books that I haven't been able to pack away now that my kids are all older teens!! LOL What can I say — I still like to look at it!!! Thanks for the lovely post and pictures! 🙂


  4. To see all her personal items up close must have been amazing, I feel a person's energy lingers in all the things they touched and handled. I'm sure it was almost as if Tasha was right there in the museum with you.


  5. OMG. I've been meaning to come and read this post and comment for days, so sorry to not be the FIRST ONE here for this!THE DOLL CLOTHES. You got an Advent calendar???? SO lucky! My heart was racing just reading this post, you must have been in total heaven!!!!! xoxoxo


  6. Yes it´s here now, the snow *** hopefully to stay with us. it has been snowing several days now, (pictures from some day ago) and I love it. the gloves my mother-in-love has made for me…lovely beeing here. so many places to see. love that oldfashioned alsways..with Tasha..hoping you will have some snow at your place. wish you could come here some day. I know you would love it so much..love Lycke


  7. See what I miss when I'm away from the computer! Oh I love it! I'm going to have to put this on my list of places I want to visit! How wonderful to be able to see these things in person!blessings~*~


  8. Beautiful tour! I especially love the doll and outfit display. Such pretty clothes she made! Oh! And the Sparrow Post! Such cuteness all in one place. Thank you for sharing it.


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