Vermont: The Snapdragon Inn

     During our whirlwind tour of New England, Emily, Alyson and I were lucky enough to be invited up to a friend’s inn in Windsor, Vermont. We set off in the evening, so it was the dark of night when we finally got to Vermont— beautiful at night but we knew it would be spectacular in the daylight!

    When we pulled up to The Snapdragon Inn, we knew we had come to be somewhere special. Michelle, the innkeeper, had the lights on for us and we walked up to this beautiful early 1800s brick home practically giddy with how gorgeous it was.

   We ooohhed and aahhed over all the beautiful details and restorations that the Larsons have put into their family business. The home, which was once owned by the editor of such literary heavy-weights as F.Scott Fizgerald and Ernest Hemmingway and dates back to about 1815, has been so beautifully restored.  Each room (and especially the pillowy beds!) is gorgeously decorated and comfortable, and the common areas such as the dining room and parlor are so homey and inviting.

   We spent a lovely and restful night there at the Snapdragon Inn, then had a leisurely breakfast on the back porch overlooking the lush lawn with its amazing trees and little garden paths. What a sweet little treasure this place is! I’m so glad we got to experience some time in such a historic place that is obviously so well loved. 
    I admit, all the Larson’s hard work in bringing this nearly 200 year old home back to perfection had me inspired to come home and get to work on my own old house! Each room was just beautifully renovated, combining modern comfort with the beauty of the original integrity of the home.

    I count the town of Windsor and especially the Snapdragon Inn as the beginning of our romance with Vermont. What a beautiful place to start our adventure in that gorgeous, gorgeous state. 
   The inn itself is worth a visit to just have a leisurely rest and enjoy the scenery and spa services they also include. Or its an amazing home-base for leaf peepers or explorers looking to see the best of Vermont. It was within just a small distance from other picturesque Vermont towns such as Quechee and Woodstock. We also had some pretty amazing food right there in Windsor— at the Harpoon Brewery (where I got my first taste of poutine!) and the Windsor Station Restaurant & Barroom
    If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend a visit. What better way to get to know a beautiful part of America than to stay in the home of the locals? And its a terrific way to support small business. Thanks so much to the Larsons, especially Michelle, for their hospitality and for sharing this beautiful place for all to enjoy!~


6 thoughts on “Vermont: The Snapdragon Inn

  1. Wow!! What a fabulous place to visit. The Inn is just beautiful in every detail. I agree with you that Vermont is so easy to fall in love with. The natural scenery and historical treasures just make it such a treasure trove at every bend of the road. Thanks for sharing these photos!!


  2. My mom and I have decided to follow in your footsteps and make a trek down to Salem in the summer! There are two routes you can take from Northern Ontario to Salem, one through Vermont and New Hampshire, and one straight through New York state. I think we will do a different one each way as they are the same driving distance, about 12 hours! Your posts make me so excited for this trip!


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