A Quilt for a Boston Boy

    I just had to show you this pretty little baby quilt my friend Briana made for my little one! It’s all nautical inspired, and the best part is— the nautical elements all mention Boston, which is so appropriate– baby and I stood together (Russian stacking-doll style, haha!) at Boston Harbor and toured around the old parts of the city for a day with Alyson on our trip. This pretty quilt will be a sweet remembrance of that time, and perfect for a little boy who will soon be arriving!~
    You can read more about the quilt and its creation on Briana’s blog Bifftastica. It’s called the Robbie quilt because that will be the baby’s name! We’ve decided to name him after both our fathers, using both of their middle names. I think both our dads are proud as peacocks about it 🙂
   I received this quilt last weekend at a handmade baby shower given to me by the gals from Make Tulsa— a group of local crafters, and all their gifts were so special because they’re all so talented. I was so excited to see all their creations, and it was even better that I got to have them all! (Well, Robbie does, but still…) hand crocheted wash clothes and hand-sewn stuffed animals, adorable books and little hats and a teething necklace…all such sweet treasures.
   A big thank you to all you crafty ladies— so glad to have you in my life!~

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