A Christmas Gathering

Hi Friends~
     I wanted to invite you to something a little something special in my etsy shop to get us all in the holiday spirit! I’m going to be hosting “A Christmas Gathering” the day after Thanksgiving (Nov 29) in my etsy shop, where I debut all the Christmas art I’ve been working on, new prints, and other new goodies just in time for the holidays.

   I wanted to take this time too to thank you all for buying Audrey Eclectic this year, and over the years. It mean so much to me to be able to do the thing I love absolutely best in the world and share it with others and have them enjoy it as well.

   Not only is it satisfying to be able to paint, but to also be able to own my business and sell locally– and all over the world! And if you’re shopping this holiday season to support local artists and economy, I am very proud to let you know that all of my prints, postcards, even my paints and the wooden materials I paint on, are all made in America. I think that’s really important— to use my business to in turn support other local and regional businesses as well. And when you buy Audrey Eclectic items, you are supporting that concept– so thank you!~

   And now, well, I better get to work, huh? Perhaps someday we can have a real in-person gathering where we come together over hot cider and coffee and giggle about folk art and how much we all love Swedish Christmas and Jane Austen and all that fun stuff. But til then, I will be happy to meet you at the etsy shop– and feel free to shop in your jammies!~

Til next time,

13 thoughts on “A Christmas Gathering

  1. Shopping online in my pj's and avoiding the chaos of Black Friday? That's my idea of a good time! And I think it's a wonderful idea to buy gifts during the holidays from small businesses who support and offer Made In America goods and services. It's something I am trying very hard to do and I'm glad to know that others support that too! Looking forward to your Christmas Gathering.


  2. Hi there my lovely friend. feels like you are sitting next to me when talking here, so near and real, and I would like that gathering too so much. love the print above..so tender and so much Christmas *** Here we got lots of snow now. a little less this evening when it has melted a bit, but earlier today..and now I took pictures. Its so beautiful this year..wishing you a wonderful weekend, Lycke


  3. Yay!!! I love gatherings at AudreyEclectic!! For sure, I will be there to shop in my jammies from the comfort of my home with delicious Pumpkin Spice coffee in hand! It is great to also learn that your raw materials are all made in America as well. It feels so good to support hard working american businesses when purchases are made!Personally, I cannot wait for when we can gather in person at your studio for one of your gatherings! Nothing would be better than getting a chance to meet everyone in person and chat over hot cider and other goodies. And for those overseas friends, if they have iPads or iPhones, we might be able to see them in person with the Face Talk option. I have used that option before with my kids and friends. November 29 is now marked on my calendar and I am looking so forward to seeing all of the fun things you are working on to make our holidays and friends/family holidays brighter! And if anyone is out of town on Friday November 29, they can shop Saturday November 30 for National Small Business Saturday and join in the national focus to shop this year from our friends and local businesses! Thanksgiving weekend is going to be the best kick off ever for holiday shopping! Thanks Heather for putting this together!


  4. Your Woodland Madonna is AMAZING! I am beyond impressed with your skills, lady! The quilt and the way you were able to paint cozy little folds in it… You are so talented!


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