Folk Art: Little Women

    I have a new painting to share with you! One that I’ve had tucked in my head for ages now, but this fall when I visited Orchard House, I really knew I needed to paint some scenes from Little Women. This is what I came up with!~
    The always iconic “reading Papa’s letter” scene with marmee and the girls gathered around the evening hearth– that was the first scene I just couldnt get out of my head, and I hope to make more!
   I thought it was also perfect since the book opens at Christmastime– and I have ordered some prints of this piece that should be finished in time for The Christmas Gathering!

    It seems like so many book lovers have a relationship with Little Women– especially those ‘little girls grown up” type readers (of which I am one!). I think I was in about the 8th grade when I tackled the hefty tome– although the book I had was technically a combination of books one and two that Louisa May Alcott wrote about the March family. I also loved the 1990s movie with Winona Ryder in it— so beautifully done and I loved the costuming! Also loved Christian Bale and am still grieving a little that Jo and Laurie didn’t get together in the end (he marries her sister!?! Ok, now that is just a little much! But still….)

   Walking through Louisa’s home a few weeks ago, the story again came alive for me, and it was so touching to be in that space— where her imagination came alive with characters and drama, and where her sister May’s drawings still grace the walls and trim all over the bedrooms. They died so long ago, yet they are still so present in Orchard House. I will do a post totally devoted to that portion of the trip very soon— it was so lovely!

  Til then, I hope you enjoy this painting! I tried to get all the girls’ personalities to shine through, and get their features as close as Louisa wrote. 
   Enjoy and come back soon!~

8 thoughts on “Folk Art: Little Women

  1. This painting is wonderful! I love how you put the Christmas feel into the scene. It must have been so inspirational to visit Orchard House this fall as well. I just pulled off my shelf LouisaMae Alcott's story An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving. It was found by me in 1995 in a bookstore in downtown Chicago in November and I have read it to my children and re-read it for myself every year. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a cup of hot tea and about 40 minutes to enjoy this story one more time!!


  2. A beautiful picture capturing one of the most iconic moment of the book. I do love the book and all the movie versions. I'm slightly more enchanted with the 1949 version starring June Allyson, Peter Lawford and Elizabeth Taylor.


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