Orchard House

        On my first full day in New England, Alyson and Emily and I headed down to Concord, Mass. to visit the site of our childhood reading dreams— Orchard House! The home of author Louisa May Alcott, it is said to be the inspiration for the home in Little Women, and you can almost see the March girls frolicking about the lawn and the woods beyond, it is such a lovely and beautiful place— forever held in time to Louisa’s world– or Jo’s world, if you prefer.

   We arrived on a Sunday morning and found the museum didn’t open until one, but that worked out well, since we were able to wander the grounds in private before all the tourists arrived. The gardens are a lovely bramble, and although the modern world speeds by on the two lane road in front of the home, its easy to get wrapped up in the cozy quietness of the home and its yard. And it feels so familiar to those who loved the book Little Women. And it’s an almost reverent feeling to know that you are on Louisa’s turf— where she thought up grand stories, where her sister May (the inspiration for Amy) painted and drew beautiful artwork, and where Marmee kept the home fires burning.

   There was no photography in the home, so all I have are outside shots, but we took the house tour and it was so lovely to be able to see so many things special to the Alcotts. There is also a nice gift shop where you can purchase all things Little Women, and where I bought a fascinating book called Marmee and Louisa that I’ve been reading since I got back.

   From promos I saw while I was there, it sounds like Orchard House will be hosting a wonderful Christmas program on weekends in December, so if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you should check it out! This place is such a treasure, and also just down the road from the Minutemen Museum and walk the beautiful path that traces Paul Revere’s ride in from Boston to warn colonists of the coming British. 

   The whole area is just gorgeous and I hope some day to see it again with my family with me. There are so many treasures like this in New England. If you happen to live in this area, you are so lucky. History awaits at every turn.

   For more information on Orchard House, they have a great website that you can visit for more info. The Minutemen Museum and park also has a website— together they make for a wonderful day!~

Til  next time….

13 thoughts on “Orchard House

  1. I can only imagine how lovely it was to visit the house of Louisa May Alcott. The outside photos are just as we imagined them in the story. I do wish I lived nearby and could attend one of the December weekend events. So awesome !


  2. What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to pay a visit to this house! Perhaps we will be able to make another trip to New England someday.I hope all is going well with you!


  3. I am headed there today–we went yesterday, but arrived just as they were closing–got some beautiful pics of the house surrounded in snow (BEAUTIFUL!) and returning today to go see inside. Also planning to see the Minutemen Museum if time permits (have to return our car rental this afternoon. :-(Vicki


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