Tasha Tuesday: Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse

      The other day I got a special package in the mail— it was a used library copy of Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse! I think this may be the last book about Tasha that I didnt have, so now I think my collection is complete!
   This book focuses on Tasha’s massive dollhouse which was more than what we ‘regular folk’ think of when it comes to dollhouses— hers was a huge doll haven created for traditional sized dolls, and home to her creations Captain Thadeaus Crane and Emma Birdwhistle.

    When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by dollhouses. There was a craft store in town that sold dollhouse assembly kits, and they’d display the assembled homes on the top of the aisle. It mesmerized me, and I admit, I still stop and look at them when I go in. I can’t help it— there is magic about a dollhouse!

   Tasha’s dollhouse, of course, was so outrageously gorgeous that it garnered its own exhibit in Williamsburg, Va. and then inspired a book! Not only was it a home for dolls and a way to play– it was a one of a kind collection of art and artifacts collected for decades from local artisans and Tasha herself.

    The rooms, when photographed, are amazingly real. It feels like you’re looking at an actual home— with all the textiles and furniture and minute detail that is not to be believed.

    The fantasy of Tasha’s doll world is mesmerizing. And when you think of the time and attention required to create it, it is impossible to not think of it as an amazing piece of art. I so wish I’d been able to see the large exhibit about the dollhouse— and Tasha herself— when it took place in Williamsburg a few years back. And now that I’ve explored a bit of New England, I think my future ‘colonial dream trip’ wish would be to see the southern side of things— in Williamsburg. 

    Hope you enjoyed a peek at this book— and also hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! After that, the Christmas season will officially be upon us, and we can talk all things Tasha Tudor Christmas. My favorite!~

Happy Tasha Tuesday–

12 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse

  1. Oh I love doll houses and always wanted one when I was growing up but never had one. I still hope to have one someday and now i am off to find this book!!blessings~*~


  2. I first learned about Tasha Tudor when reading Victoria magazine, when living in England around 1990, and am happy to see that her art is not forgotten. Thank you very much for the notes on Tasha and her inspiring work!


  3. I cannot imagine how Tasha made so many tiny authentic reproductions! She was a talent beyond all imagination. I agree with Alyson that Williamsburg is worth visiting anytime you have the opportunity. Christmas is especially magical!


  4. Oh, how delightful! This book looks so charming, Heather. Like you, I adored dollhouses as a child. We're very fortunate to be able to visit an amazing collection of dollhouses at our nearby Wenham Museum. They've got lots of antique dollhouses and dolls. I could spend hours in there – and I think I could spend hours looking at this book you found! Happy to see you enjoyed a fun show lately. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  5. I do love a lady with a big imagination. 😉 Thanks for this tour of what appears to be quite the charming book. Also, how fun that you have a complete collection!


  6. Mmmm you are tempting me to try and start my own mini-collection of Tasha books. Your sharing always leaves me inspired and even more in love with the wonderful lady herself.


  7. That looks like a fun book. You need to go to the Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City. They have amazing dolls and doll houses! It's on the campus of UMKC.


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