Tasha Tuesday: A Very Tasha Advent

   Well, here it is– December. It came all of a sudden, or so it seems to me, even though I’ve been planning for the Christmas season with my art for months! It is also my favorite time in Tasha’s illustrations and books— and the beautiful trees and simple festivities, families gathered together in the glow of candle light while a winter wonderland lays sleepy outside.

 This past Sunday was also the first Sunday of Advent, and so it was time to get out the new Tasha Tudor Advent calendar I purchased in Vermont this fall while visiting the Tasha Tudor Museum!

This year’s advent calendar features one of my very favorite Tasha illustrations— the family celebrating by the warm hearth as mice celebrate their own fanciful Christmas below the floorboards.

Audrey is always eager to see what’s behind each little hidden door for each day, a little treasure from Tasha hidden beneath the artwork.

   I’m glad to have this little calendar for an Advent treat, since I’m starting to get slower and more tired each day and therefore being a little more restrained in my Christmas decor and revelry. I figure its ok though— because isnt one of the major players in the Christmas story a weary pregnant lady? 😉 I know Mary will understand!

   I’m hoping (trying, making myself!) to take it easy despite two shows coming up. After they are done, I can sit back and relax. I envision knitting needles in hand and good food in the fridge and just nesting until Little One makes his entrance.  There is something very special about being pregnant during the holidays, though. Not just in really feeling for Mary in the Christmas story (there’s no way anyone aside from Caesar himself who could coax a large pregnant lady into getting onto a donkey and taking a road trip) but also the stories, the music, the feel of the season— of hope and love— it just makes you feel more tenderhearted. I know this little one has probably heard nothing but Christmas music since he could hear! I hope it makes him a happy and hopeful person when he finally arrives.

   And when he is finally here, he will be helping his sissy with future Tasha Advent Calendars, and I’m sure we’ll all be snuggling up with Take Joy and Becky’s Christmas on future holiday evenings. Its a lovely thought, and  I look forward to it.

Happy Advent and Tasha Tuesday to you, my friends—

8 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: A Very Tasha Advent

  1. Lovely blog enttry! Love everything Christmas & Tasha Tudor! Have never seen one of her asvent calendars. Will need to check into that for next year! Blessings to you, your family and your upcoming new addition….♡♥♡


  2. Heather,You are so right. I is wonderful to be pregnant during the holidays. Everything feels better around the holidays. I wish that I could somehow package it up and carry that feeling with me throughout the entire year!I'm so glad I found your blog and your store!JMJ,Laura


  3. I am so happy for your lovely little family, a girl and a boy, so perfect! I always wanted to be pregnant around the holidays, I know that is a strange thing to plan, but I always hoped when we start a family I will be able to be showing around Christmas time. Perhaps it is a connection with Mother Mary!


  4. Oh, sweet thoughts and photos, Heather. I love picturing you and both your little ones wrapped in a quilt telling stories next Christmas. 🙂


  5. Tasha's advent calendar was a big part of our season when my girls were small. We received her calendar in a Christmas book one year and it was used over and over again until I packed it away in a box of their childhood favorites. I remember being pregnant with my Jessica the year she was born and it does give you the feeling of understanding the whole hope and anticipation mystery. Enjoy these busy days of December and I wish you the very best with your next two shows! Just think, you get to understand both Mary and Santa's point of view at the same time! Definitely will be a good reason to retire to the sofa in front of the tree and knit with hot cocoa in hand!!


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