Back from The Little Craft Show!

Beautiful show poster hand printed by Roll & Tumble Press

     We are back from the Ozarks and the Little Craft Show this weekend! We woke in the dark of night and headed out and got to Arkansas at about dawn, and it was about 6 degrees when we got there! We got our first snow in the region on Thursday evening, and so we had snow and ice to deal with as we drove from Oklahoma to Fayetteville, hoping that local shoppers would come out to see us!

   I am happy to report that shoppers did come, and we met some really sweet and wonderful people! My Scandinavian items always bring out the best comments— I meet people who have Swedish ancestors, or grew up in a Scandinavian country, or had to don the candle lit crown and play St. Lucia as a child. I just love that, and I love that all the tomten ornaments I made found new homes (don’t worry! I’m making more, and I’m going to offer some to you all here on the blog!)

  I’d just like to say THANK YOU to those of you who came out and said hello and bought art and ornaments and came to talk. I really really appreciate it!

  I do have one more craft show before the season comes to a close— Indie Emporium in Tulsa! Unless there is an unexpected arrival, lol, I shall be there for both days with lots of holiday goodies, prints, postcards and originals.

   After that, I am going to cuddle in and nest. As we wait for the arrival of our little boy, things art-wise are going to be a little quiet, but you can be sure I’ll be checking in and letting you know how we’re doing, and I’m sure I’ll sneak some creative time in during nap times, which will be easier once we all get something of a routine in place. I’ve still got lots of ideas and plans to hatch for Audrey Eclectic! Thanks for coming along with me as it all unfolds 🙂

5 thoughts on “Back from The Little Craft Show!

  1. Happy to hear that the snowy roads did not deter excited shoppers last weekend! Hopefully this next weekend will prove to be as profitable too. Yes, you are going to want to take it easy after these busy weeks as you get closer to the new arrival. After such busy December days, it will feel so good to just take off and rest and enjoy these final weeks with your family!


  2. So glad you made it there and back without any problems! I love the little tomten ornaments, and love that you have named them all. Good luck with your final show. Wish I lived closer so I could go in person!


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