2013, a look back….

   I knew a lot happened this year, but looking over a year’s worth of photos has made me realize— 2013 was a big year for us as a little family! And for me, in particular. Back in January, I had no idea of all the new adventures that lay ahead— babies, trips, a new home….that’s a lot to fit into a year, and also so much art and fun projects.

     I think is was the end of February when we made an offer on this beautiful bungalow and it was accepted. And a week before we closed on the house, we found out we were going to have a little winter baby! First trimester exhaustion settled in quickly and I just remember lugging boxes through a sleepy haze and passing out to sleep just as the sun was going down!

    We were so excited though, and Miss Audrey was so eager to be a big sister— still is! She insists “he’s coming tomorrow” all the time now! And as I got bigger and bigger we slowly started unpacking things and this beautiful old house on the same street my great-grandparents lived on for decades started becoming home.

   Then just after my birthday this fall I boarded an airplane all by myself and flew across the country to New Hampshire to meet up with friends Alyson and Emily for a completely decadent and self-indulgent old timey girls adventure for an entire week! I was also able to meet my friend Patricia and all were able to see so many wonderful things that I never dreamed that I’d see with my own prairie girl eyes— the Boston Harbor, Salem, Orchard House, Deerfield, the Tasha Tudor Museum, the ocean, lighthouses, tons of old colonial homes, and many a spooky and magical old cemetery. I will never forget my time there in New England among friends, or my joy at getting to return home– back to my family and my life and art that I was so excited to create.

   And for one ‘last hurrah’ I did three craft shows at the end of the year— nine months pregnant! But it was so good to see all my old friends who do the shows and meet new friends, all before settling in and feathering my nest— filled with knitted baby hats that I have been compulsively making for months now!

  So many wonderful things came to us— and to me in particular— this year and I am so grateful for each and every one. And I’m so happy that you all continue to come here to visit me, to see my art and little adventures, to make my creations part of your home and life and gift giving. Thank you so much for that!

   And so….as 2013 comes to a close just one little project needs completing! We’re expecting our little boy to arrive any day. I can’t wait to see his little face and kiss his little hands and nose. What a wonderful way to usher in a new year, with someone not even expected when the calendar turned last year.

   May this new year be filled with many unexpected miracles and bits of happiness for all of us— a fond farewell to 2013 and a happy hello to 2014!~

See you in the New Year–

15 thoughts on “2013, a look back….

  1. Yes, this has been a busy year for you! So much crammed into just 12 months. We, who visit here, are all looking forward to newest arrival. He will be quite adorable in all of the cute knitted hats you have been creating too! I am delighted that this year has been such a banner year for your family as well as your wonderful art. Looking forward to 2014 with your new addition on board the AE staff. It is going to be great fun!


  2. Beautiful photos, amazing works and a fabulous year with many good news. Let's hope it lasts into 2014!Love your photo with Santa Claus! Oh, and the Christmassy one too!


  3. It has indeed been an amazing year for you! I'm delighted that I was able to follow along on your adventures, indulge in more of your art, and hear about all the wonderful things that have happened to you. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year – can't wait to see photos of your new little one. Welcome 2014!


  4. Thank you so much for your always so sweet and supportive comments. Im so glad you've been along for the year as well! Wishing you a wonderful new year as well, I know you and Warren are going to have lots of fun with your travels!


  5. Hello dear!I am Brazilian, I've followed your work for some years now!I am very happy for your new conquests, that has always encouraged me in my work. Congratulations, have a wonderful 2014!Hugs, Daniela Karg


  6. Happy New Year, Heather. I know you are excited about the soon to be arrival for your little baby. Winter babies are the best, I should know since I was born in January. ( I know I am so bias.) The best thing about winter babies that you always look forward to Winter because your birthday is coming. So Winter is always a happy time.


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