Little bits of progress

    Yesterday marked Robbie’s first whole month. I can’t believe he’s already a month old! The time has really flown by— we’ve watched copious amounts of HGTV (he’ll probably be able to renovate a house on his own in about 6 months) and cuddled and nursed and watch snow fall outside while we stay bundled up in the house. 
   It’s Baby Time and we’re taking it slow. Although it will be nice when we get a routine down that allows me to paint— you never know how long a nap will last, and any time is a good time to eat, according to this boy!
   I have started on an Easter themed painting though. It’s a sort of a companion to Preparing the Easter Basket. Its got the same characters, but this time there’s a baby brother. Of course! It’s slow going though. Its hard to find time to paint when there are endless chores around the house not getting done. Everything that does get done is done in snatches of moments. Like this blog post!
   I am looking forward to painting again though, and this time is still a creative time. I’m reading a ton and thinking a lot— getting inspired for new things to come in 2014.
   And if I dont see you before— happy Valentine’s Day!
Til next time,

7 thoughts on “Little bits of progress

  1. Happy Valentine's Day Heather! That painting is so sweet, don't we always incorporate our own lives into our art in one way or another, this time adding a sweet little baby boy to the scene! Beautiful!


  2. I like the way that painting is looking. And such a cute little boy! I don't think I'd get anything done at all with such a cutie to cuddle with.blessings~*~


  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I love this new Easter painting and look forward to seeing how it all wraps up. Little Robbie is so cute and the weather has been perfect for winter nesting!


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